Things to do in Incheon Korea

Things to do in Incheon Korea
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Incheon Korea, located in South Korea and not far from Seoul Korea, is one of the largest port cities in Korea (second largest after Busan).

If you are traveling to Incheon Korea for the first time, the port of Incheon was the spot where General MacArthur launched the renowned surprise landing invasion with amphibious jeeps.

In fact, American history buffs, can also appreciate a visit to memorial hall, where you can learn more about MacArthur's surprise landing.

If you are looking to explore other Asian cities, the Incheon port offers ferries to port cities in China such as Shanghai as well as Taipei Taiwan and Japan.

Things to do in Incheon Korea: Outdoor Activities


If you are looking to explore Incheon's natural scenery, Gyeyang Park is home to Mt. Gyeyang which feature many easy trails to the summit where you can get lovely views of the area around.

Gyeyang Mountain is located in Gyeyang-gu north of Incheon’s City Center (30 minutes drive on the number 111 bus).

Another popular destination where you can explore more hiking trails is at Mt. Baekunsan in Yeongjong Island.

Baekunsan Mountain can be reached by car (take route 135) or by bus but involves a couple of bus transfers (bus 222 and bus 903).

River Cruise

If you are traveling to the city for the first time, one of the most popular things to do in Incheon Korea, it’s to take a river cruise along the Hangang River.

A Hangang River cruise is a great way to see many of Korea’s landmarks such as Namsan Tower and Building 63.

You can also enjoy a dinner cruise at night and on-board entertainment and live music. If you are traveling with your partner, this is certainly one of the most romantic things to do in Korea.

Yeouido dock, located in Yeongdeungpo-gu, is the nearest dock to Incheon City Center and can be reached by bus.


If you are looking to enjoy time at a beach, Yeongjong Island is home to popular beaches on the western coast such as Eulwangni Beach, Masiran Beach and Wangsan Beach.

Yeongjong Island can be reached by ferry from Wolmido Island and the trip to the Yeongjong Pier only takes ten minutes (ferry costs around $3).

Things to do in Incheon Korea: Places of Interest

Jayu (Freedom) Park

Jayu (Freedom) Park, located in Jung-gu, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Korea and it is home to a few landmarks such as the statue of General MacArthur, the Incheon Meteorological Observatory and a bronze tower which commemorates the friendship and trade treaty signed by both Korea and the USA.

Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall

Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall, located in Ongnyeon-dong, is a memorial hall that features a small museum and an outdoor exhibition plaza.

At the museum, you can see a short film on the successful landing operations lead by General MacArthur as well as war memorabilia items.

In the outdoor plaza you can see a small range of war equipment and a couple of the amphibious jeeps used during the landing.

Yeongjong Island

Yeongjong Island is another popular destination and a great day trip from Incheon Korea.

Things to do once you get to Yeongjong Island include visiting the:

* Yeongjong Pier seafood market
* Yaksuam Temple
* Incheon International Airport
* The islet of Jamjindo ( Jamjindo can be reached by taking bus 202 from the Yeongjong Pier)
* Eulwangri Beach

Wolmido Island

Wolmido Island, located near Jung-gu, is another popular tourist attraction in the city. If you are traveling with kids, the island features the famed Play Hill amusement park where you can enjoy fun rides.

Apart from the amusement park, you can enjoy street performances and lovely views of the sea along the waterfront.

Note (From Incheon’s city center, you need to catch bus 23 to get to Wolmido Island).

Things to do in Incheon Korea: Shopping

Bupyeong Station and the area around are good places to start exploring the shopping scene in Incheon Korea.

Bupyeong Station features a massive underground shopping mall where you can find all kinds of cheap goods such clothing items.

The side streets around Bupyeong Station also feature many small stores, boutique type shops such as 'Evisu' and ‘Foot-Mart’, and a Lotte Mart.

Things to do in Incheon Korea: Nightlife & Entertainment

Similar to Seoul, Incheon Korea nightlife consists of a variety of local and international bars such as English and American-style bars such as Goose Goose and Woodstock (located in Bupyeong).

In fact, one of the best areas in Incheon Korea where you can find many expat bars and venues is the area around Bupyeong Station.

Things to do in Incheon Korea: Events & Festivals

Incheon Global Fair & Festival

The Incheon Global Fair & Festival, held in August, is an 80 day event that features many exhibitions to showcase high-tech and environmentally friendly products and gadgets

Incheon Port Festival

Incheon Port Festival, held in August along Incheon port, is one of the most popular summer festivals in the city.

At the event, you can see naval ships parades as well as amazing firework displays. Apart from parades and fireworks, the festival features fun events such as fishing and clam shelling competitions.

Pentaport Rock Festival

The Pentaport Rock Festival, held in July at Songdo Park, is another popular summer event that brings together rock groups from around the world to perform in outdoor stage concerts.

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