Things to do in Anniston Alabama

Things to do in Anniston Alabama
Must see Attractions in Alabama
Anniston Alabama is roughly located on the half way point between Birmingham Alabama and Atlanta Georgia.

If you are traveling to Anniston on an Alabama vacation for the first time, the town is home to the famous ‘Big Chair’ landmark, and it is within a short distance of the majestic Talladega National Forest.

Apart from the many things to do in Anniston Alabama, if you are fancy exploring nearby Georgia, the cities of Atlanta GA, Columbus GA and Macon GA are just a couple of hours drive from Anniston Alabama.

Things to do in Anniston Alabama: Outdoor Activities

Recreational Activities

Fishing, Camping & Hiking

If you enjoy fishing, there are many angling opportunities at Lake Chinnabee, which is located on a beautiful mountain valley in Cheaha State Park (45 minutes drive south of Anniston Alabama)

Lake Chinnabee is also a recreational area so you can find designated areas for camping and picnicking as well.

If you are a hiking enthusiast, the Cheaha Wilderness is just nest to Cheaha Stat Park and features the popular 9-mile Pinhoti Trail, which crosses the top of Cheaha Mountain offering magnificent views of the area around.

Scenic Drive

If you love driving, another popular thing to do at Talladega National Forest it’s to take the famed Talladega Scenic Drive along State Route 281 (Skyway Motorway) from Cheaha State Park and Five Points.

Things to do in Anniston Alabama: Places of Interest

Berman Museum

If you are interested in World history, Berman Museum is located a short drive from Anniston town center at Lagarde Park.

This museum is an interesting place that showcases a myriad of artifacts and rare objects from around the world.

Anniston Museum of Natural History

If you are visiting Berman Museum, the Anniston Museum of Natural History is also located at Lagarde Park and it's worth a visit.

If you are traveling to Anniston Alabama with the family, the Natural History museum is an educational place where everyone can have a good time learning  about dinosaur fossils and other rare animals.

Anniston Big Chair

If you are visiting the town of Anniston Alabama, you may want to visit the town’s most popular landmark for a picture-taking opportunity.

The 'Big Chair' is a famed 31 foot tall metal chair built in the 80's by Miller's Office Furniture, and it is one of the biggest in America.

Church of St Michael & All Angels

The St Michael's Church is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Alabama and it is included on the National Register of Historic Places.

The church was built in the 19th century by John W. Noble who was originally from England in the United Kingdom and wanted the church to resemble and English church.

Things to do in Anniston Alabama: Shopping

For retail shopping, the north and south of Anniston Alabama offers the best retail opportunities.

North of Anniston's city center and just a short drive, you can find Sacks Shopping Center located near Rite Aid and Winn-Dixie, and McClellan Shopping Center (located along McClellan Boulevard), which features a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

South of Anniston, in the nearby town of Oxford, you have Quintard Mall (which is the biggest mall near Anniston) and Old Mill shopping centers both located along Hamric Drive East.

Things to do in Anniston Alabama: Nightlife & Entertainment

The town of Anniston Alabama has a lively nightlife with many bars and pubs as well as clubs.

For instance, Noble Street is a great place to head to find nightlife as it is home to many bars and clubs such as Peerless Saloon, Wolfies, Club Paradise Bar & Grill and East Alabama Shrine Club.

Things to do in Anniston Alabama: Events & Festivals

Anniston Knox Concert Series

One of the best times to visit Anniston is during its annual Knox Concert series which happens in early October.

The Knox concert series consists of five shows that include symphony performances and Broadway shows.

Anniston Festival

If you are in Anniston Alabama in April, you can attend the popular Anniston Festival that takes place along Noble Street.

If you’re traveling with kids to Anniston Alabama, you may want to include this festival in your itinerary as it geared towards families. The event features bike and running races, fun family outdoor activities and more.

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