Things to do in Dayton OH

Things to do in Dayton OH
Places to go in Ohio
Dayton OH is roughly located between Cincinnati OH and Columbus Ohio, and just a couple of hour's drive from Indianapolis fun things to do in Indiana.

If you are visiting Dayton OH for the first time, the city is the birthplace of the Wright Brothers, who built the World’s first powered plane in Dayton OH.

The city is also home to the Oregon Historic District where you can take a walking tour and marvel at 19th century Victorian buildings and antique shops.

Dayton OH offers a myriad of things to do such as outdoor opportunities at one of the metro parks.

If you are also looking for things to do in Dayton OH with kids, the city is home to a children's museum, and the city is just a short drive from the popular Hueston Woods state park which features cabin rentals, family cottages, a resort lodge, an 18-hole golf course and more.

Things to do in Dayton OH: Outdoor Activities

If you are an outdoors enthusiast and are planning a vacation to Dayton OH with the family, there are a couple of wildlife areas and a couple of state parks within an hour’s drive from Dayton's city center.

However, Dayton ‘s city center is home to a few metro parks where you can enjoy fun family outdoor activities and outdoor pursuits should you not want to head too far out of Dayton OH.

Hunting & Fishing Trip

If you are planning a fishing or hunting trip with friends during your vacation in Dayton OH, I would suggest Rush Run Wildlife Area as most of the area is covered in woods, ideal for hunting deer, raccoons and rabbits.

The wildlife is also home to a lake that is over 50 acres where you can fish for bluegill, and Largemouth bass.

Rush Run Wildlife Area is also located near Hueston Woods state park, around 40 minutes drive west of Dayton OH.

Outdoor Trip with kids

If you are traveling with kids, but you still want to enjoy a bit of hunting and fishing on the side, Hueston Woods and Caesar Creek state parks are the best compromise.

Both Hueston Woods and Caesar Creek state parks offer hunting and fishing opportunities, camping, hiking trails, as well as recreational areas for the kids such as a public beach and playgrounds.

However, if you prefer to stay in a cabin rental, Hueston Woods state park also offers family cottages and cabins, as well as a golf course and children shows.

Distance-wise, both Hueston Woods and Caesar Creek state parks are located 30 miles from Dayton’s city center (around 45 minutes drive by car).

However, Hueston Woods state park is nearby Rush Run Wildlife Area, which could make it more convenient, if you intend to camp out at the Hueston Woods state park.

Nature Activities close to Dayton OH

If you want to explore Dayton ’s natural scenery rather than the outdoors, there are a few metroparks within a short distance of the city center.

For instance, Possum Creek MetroPark is just 5 miles of the city center, yet you can enjoy a myriad of bird watching opportunities, as well as fishing, hiking, picnicking and even exploring the Possum Creek Farm.

Another option could be Germantown and Englewood Metro Parks, which are located 10 miles south and north of the Dayton OH respectively.

Both Germantown and Englewood Metro Parks offer many amenities, hiking and birding opportunities, although Englewood MetroPark also offers fishing, camping and boating opportunities.

Cycling Tour

If you are planning a cycling tour of Dayton OH, one of the most scenic cycling routes it’s the Great Miami River recreational trail.

The 37-mile trail is paved and runs along the banks of the Great Miami River and passes through green spaces where you can stop and enjoy a picnic.

Amusement Park

Another popular thing to do with kids in Dayton OH it’s to visit the Splash Moraine Water Park, which is famed for the massive 20,000 square foot wave pool.

The park, adjacent to Moraine Park, features kids’ areas, plenty of water rides and water areas to keep the family busy for the whole day.

Things to do in Dayton OH: Places of Interest

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

If you are looking for things to do in Dayton OH with kids, the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is an excellent place for families to spend a day out. The museum features a multitude of nature exhibits and interactive educational shows to keep the little ones busy.

SunWatch Indian Village

The SunWatch Indian Village is another popular Dayton OH attraction that recreates a real life Indian Village. The village itself is an archeological site and features an on-site museum where you can see some of the indigenous artifacts found on the site.

Citizens Motorcar Co Museum

If you are a car enthusiast, the old Packard dealership has been restored to its former glory and transformed into a museum where you can see Packard’s old memorabilia

Dayton National Aviation Heritage Area

If you are history buff, a visit to the National Aviation Heritage Area is a must-add in your Dayton OH itinerary.

The National Aviation Heritage Area features a Historical Park where you can learn about Paul Laurence Dunbar and the Wright Brothers, as well as the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center.

At the National Aviation Heritage Area, you can also visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force, which is the oldest military aviation museum.

Things to do in Dayton OH: Shopping

If you are looking to enjoy a bit of retail shopping, there are a few shopping malls within a short drive of Dayton OH.

For instance, in the suburb of Beavercreek you can find the Mall At Fairfield Commons and The Greene Shopping Center; while in the Miamisburg suburb you can the popular Dayton Mall.

The suburb of Kettering is also home to a shopping mall called Town & Country Shopping Center.

Alternatively, Dayton OH downtown is a great place to find independent stores and boutique type shops.

Things to do in Dayton OH: Nightlife & Entertainment

Dayton OH is a university town and if you are looking for a lively nightlife, the downtown area features a myriad of bars and clubs, as well as comedy bars such as Wiley's Comedy Club located on Pine Street.

Other popular streets for finding nightlife include:

* South Saint Claire Street where you can find both Pearl and Club Vex
* East 4th Street where you can find Hammerjaxs of Dayton
* North and South Jefferson Street where you can find Masque and Gilly’s

If you want to enjoy live music, the Fraze Pavilion hosts regular music events and concerts throughout the year so, it’s worth checking out Fraze Pavillion when you’re in town.

Things to do in Dayton OH: Events & Festivals

Vectren Dayton Air Show

Dayton OH is also knows as the birth place of aviation, and one of the best times to experience Dayton’s aviation heritage is during the Vectren Dayton Air Show, which happens at the at the Dayton International Airport in July.

Dayton Spass Nacht

Dayton Spass Nacht is an annual fundraiser event for the Kettering Sister City Association which has sister cities in Steyr Austria and Kettering England.

The event is held at Lincoln Park in June and features an Austrian theme with foods and live entertainment.

Dayton Hamfest

If you are an amateur radio enthusiast, Dayton OH hosts the largest Hamfest in North America at the Hara Arena.

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