Best Vacation Spots in Australia

If you are planning a trip to Australia for the first time, you need to know that Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, so seasons are the opposite of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

This means, June through August are the winter months in Australia, while December through February are the summer months in Australia. Australia is traditionally known as a country of harsh hot weather, though in reality Australia has four distinctive seasons like much of the world. No matter when you plan to travel, Australia is a great place to visit all year-round.
Best Vacation Spots in Australia

I you are looking to enjoy a family summer vacation in Australia, two of the best vacation spots in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne. Both cities enjoy steady pleasant temperatures all year-round and boast a multitude of attractions to suit young and old.. Having said this, there are literary dozens of nice places where you can stay in Australia during your vacation. They're as follows:

Best Vacation Spots in Australia: Top 5

1. Geraldton Western Australia

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, and would like to get up to activities such as whale watching, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and winery tours, Geraldton WA is one of the best vacation spots in Australia to for this.

2. Cairns Queensland

Cairns Queensland is another great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and beach goers, but if you want to avoid the rainy season, travel between June and August.

Diving and snorkeling are especially popular pursuits as the port city of Cairns Queensland is within a short boast ride from Fitzroy Island and the Low Isles.

3. Adelaide South Australia

Adelaide is another excellent beach vacation in Australia where you can enjoy a myriad of water activities and whale watching opportunities.

Apart from fun activities, Adelaide South Australia is known for its festivals and events such as the Adelaide V8 Supercar and Horse Racing Carnival.

4. Perth Western Australia

Perth WA is known as the home to the popular Red Bull Air Race event and the Joondalup Carnival which features flamboyant street parades.

Perth WA offers plenty of beach activities and recreational opportunities at one of the nearby city parks, and the chance to visit the local ‘Mint House’.

5. Island of Tasmania

The Island of Tasmania is truly an outdoors paradise, and if you’re planning on exploring rare fauna while getting up to some hiking, Tasmania won’t disappoint you.

Apart from outdoor pursuits, Tasmania is one of the best vacation spots in Australia for history buffs, as the island has some of the best preserved 18th century landmarks from the colonial period such as old jails.

More Facts about Australia

Weather Zones in Australia

There are two weather zones in Australia, the Tropical Zone and the Temperate Zone:

- The Tropical Zone has only a rainy (summer months) season and a dry season (winter months).
- The Temperate Zone enjoys four complete seasons.

Tropical Zone Territories

The Tropical Zone includes:

- Northern Territory
- North of Queensland
- North of Western Australia.

Temperate Zone Territories

The Temperate Zone includes:

- Tasmania
- Victoria
- South Wales
- South Australia
- Southern Queensland
- South of Western Australia

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