Best Destinations in July

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The month of July is certainly one of the busiest months of the calendar year and with school summer holidays taking place in much of the Northern Hemisphere, you can expect places such as Europe, Canada and the US to be at their busiest.

In the United States, family-friendly destinations such as Orlando Florida and San Diego in California are traditionally popular holiday getaways for families with kids looking to enjoy attractions such as SeaWorld and DisneyWorld.

If you're looking to get away with the family this summer without breaking the bank, Cape Cod in Massachusetts is a great family destination where you can also enjoy theme park-type attractions.

In Europe, you get a similar picture in terms of busy attractions and tourist destinations such as Nice France, Bulgaria, France, Germany and Denmark can get really crowded.

If you are looking to get away with the family this summer and want to avoid the busy US and European summer season, Australia and New Zealand are two of the best destinations in July.

For one, Australia and New Zealand are in the southern hemisphere, which means that their summer months fall between December and February.

Second, you get fewer crowds to enjoy the attractions, cheaper airfare and cheaper hotel accommodation to choose from.

As follows, I’ve put together a few destinations worth considering to getaway around the world this July. They include:

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