Popular Destinations in North Africa

Popular Destinations in North Africa
Things to Know Before Heading to Marrakesh
- Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara comprise North Africa.

- North Africa is separated by a narrow strait from Spain by a mere 8 miles (Strait of Gibraltar)

- North African territories follow the Islam religion

- North Africa is characterized by having both Arab and European influences, as well as Berber and Roman influences.

- Ramadan is celebrated every 9th month of the Lunar calendar year and last for 30 days. (it usually falls on August or September)

- Both French and English are widely spoken


North Africa is truly an amazing region in terms of cultural attractions, natural scenery and rich historical heritage.

From the majestic Pyramids of Giza in Egypt to hiking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, a holiday in North Africa offers you a myriad of opportunities to suit every taste.

For instance, if you are a history buff and are interested in ancient ruins, you can explore the popular Ruins of Carthage in Tunis Tunisia where you can see Roman ruins.

If you are a shopping enthusiast, Morocco and Egypt are home to souks or street markets where you can shop for handmade local goods such as carpets, jewelry, pots and paintings.

Popular Destinations in North Africa

If you are wondering where to start your North African adventure, here it is list of three of the most popular destinations in North Africa for first time travelers:

1. Tunis Tunisia

The capital city of Tunis Tunisia is not only a popular destination in North Africa but also an ideal holiday base, if you intend on exploring southern Italy.

In fact, Tunis Tunisia is only a short ferry ride from Palermo Sicily and Cagliari Sardinia.

2. Rabat Morocco

If you are planning on visiting Morocco for the first time, the capital city of Rabat Morocco boasts many attractions such as the Roman ruins Chellah, just outside of the city, as well as a national reserve park where you can enjoy outdoor activities.

3. Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt is certainly one of the most popular destinations in North Africa. Apart from being home to the popular Pyramids of Giza, a trip to Cairo Egypt also offers you the chance to enjoy a multitude of fun tours such as a tour along the Nile River, a camel ride tour though the Sahara desert, and a walking tour of Coptic Cairo where you can explore synagogues and museums.

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