Vacation Spots in California

Vacation Spots in California
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The state of California is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular holiday destinations and best places to vacation in the US.

With its diverse landscape, California boasts plenty of outdoor opportunities and if you are a true outdoor enthusiast, you’d love exploring the Sierra National Forest where you can explore areas such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains which are located near Kings Canyon National Park.

If you are planning a summer vacation with the family and are planning on enjoying plenty of water activities by the beach, places such as Long Beach and Huntington Beach offer the perfect location for a beach vacation.

Apart from camping, hiking and swimming, California is popular with tours such as the ‘Jelly Belly Factory’ tour in Sacramento.

California is also famed by the Napa Valley region where you can enjoy winery tours, scenic drives and hot air balloon rides.

There are many hot-destinations in California, and where you go depends on what activities you are planning to do.

Having said this, five of the most popular vacation spots in California are as follows:

Vacation Spots in California: Top 5

South Lake Tahoe CA

If you are looking for a destination that offers both outdoor opportunities and water activities with pristine beautiful scenery, the city of South Lake Tahoe is a great summer destination, especially amongst families.

South Lake Tahoe California is surrounded by the El Dorado National Forest, and it is located by the banks of Lake Tahoe where you can enjoy anything from canoeing and swimming to jet skiing.

Los Angeles CA

Home to the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles California is one of the most popular vacation spots in California.

Apart from offering plenty of fun attractions and beach opportunities, Los Angeles California is known for having a lively nightlife that range from nightclubs and live venues to theaters and outdoor entertainment.

Santa Rosa CA

Santa Rosa CA is known as the gateway to the Napa Valley region. If it is wineries and recreational activities what you’re looking for, Santa Rosa CA is home to many regional and state parks, as well as over ten wineries within the area.

San Diego CA

The city of San Diego CA is one of the most popular family destinations in southern California, and home to the famed SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo.

If you are looking for a destination in California geared towards families with kids, San Diego CA is the one for you.

San Francisco CA

San Francisco CA is known for the Golden Gate Bridge and the Island of Alcatraz, made popular by the movie ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ starring Clint Eastwood.

One of the best things about San Francisco CA is its varied and diverse nightlife, which is geared to suit all tastes.

IF you enjoyed this list of five of the most popular vacation spots in California, you may like to know some interesting facts about the state of California:

Interesting facts about California

- California has the largest population in the country, and it is along Texas one of the largest states in the United States.

- California is bordered by Oregon in the north, Nevada and Arizona in the east, and Mexico in the south.

- The state is nicknamed the ‘Golden State’ due to the amount of sunny days the state enjoys all year around.

- California landscape ranges from semi-arid desert areas and rugged hills.

- California became the 31st state in 1850.

- The state is home to the lowest point in the United States, named Badwater Basin, which is 280 feet below sea level

- As much as 60% of California enjoys a climate similar to places such as Perth WA in Australia, Crete Greece, Morocco and Cape Town South Africa.

- California is one of the most ethnically diverse states in the United States.

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