Interesting Places in Minnesota

Things to do in the Midwest
Looking for interesting Places in Minnesota to visit this year?

Below it's our top three:

1. Minneapolis MN

If you are visiting Minnesota and are planning an urban-type vacation, Minneapolis MN boasts many attractions such as visiting museums, taking a segway tour of downtown Minneapolis MN and enjoying a bit of shopping at the Mall Of America, which is also a hotspot for finding nightlife in the city.

2. Duluth MN

If you are planning an affordable family vacation in Minnesota, Duluth MN is one of the most popular summer vacation spots in the Midwest for travelers looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Apart from being surrounded by pristine forest scenery, Duluth MN is located by Lake Superior where you can find cabin rental opportunities and enjoy fun water activities by the Lake.

3. Rochester MN
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Rochester MN is located on the southeastern part of the state near the border with Iowa and Wisconsin. Rochester MN is actually not far from Minneapolis MN, and it is a great destination if you’re looking to enjoy a city vacation in a more relaxed atmosphere. Apart from city attractions, Rochester MN has many urban parks and it is located near a couple of state parks and lakes where you can enjoy a bit of hiking and fishing.

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Facts about Minnesota

These are three of the most interesting places in Minnesota this year. If you're traveling to the state for the first time, you want to check out some interesting facts about the state:

- Minnesota is commonly known as the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ State and the ‘North Star State’

- Minnesotans is the name for residents in the state of Minnesota

- The name Minnesota comes from the Native American word ‘Mnisota’, which means ‘muddy water.’

- The highest mountain in the state is Eagle Mountain, standing at over seven hundred meters.

- Lake Superior is the largest and deepest lake in Minnesota.

- Minnesota is bordered by North Dakota and South Dakota in the west, Iowa in the south, Wisconsin in the east, and the Ontario Canada in the north.

- Minnesota is characterized by very cold winters and hot summers.

- The Mississippi River divides the cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul

- There are over seventy state parks and over fifty state forests in Minnesota

- Minnesota has a large population of German and Scandinavians outside of Europe

- Bloomington's Mall Of America is the largest shopping complex in the state

- There is no sales tax on clothing items

- The Minnesota State Fair is the second largest in the United States, after State Fair of Texas.

- Minnesota is home to the largest student-run newspaper in the US, named the Minnesota Daily.

- Minnesota has some of the most important high-tech companies in the US as well as medical facilities such as the Mayo Clinic

When to go

I hope you found these Minnesota facts interesting. I feel these facts really a good idea on what to expect when planning a vacation to the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ State. If you are planning on doing outdoor pursuits such as hiking and biking, I would suggest traveling to Minnesota in early spring (March-April) and early fall (September-October), as weather is most pleasant.

For fishing and water pursuits, early summer is one of the best times to visit Minnesota for this, as the hot weather is not completely in full swing. There are many interesting places to visit in Minnesota but as mentioned above three of the most popular places to head for a vacation this are Minneapolis MN, Duluth MN and Rochester MN.

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