Visiting Seoul Korea for the first time

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Best time to visit Seoul Korea

The best time, in my opinion, to visit Seoul Korea is from September to October and from March to May to avoid the rainy months.

During autumn and spring, the weather is pleasant and not as humid as the summer months when temperatures are very high and humidity is very unpleasant.

Arriving in Seoul Korea

The good thing about visiting Seoul Korea is that most travelers don’t require a tourist visa.

For instance, travelers from Canada and the United States are not required a tourist visa to enter Korea, although the maximum staying period is six months (Canadians) and three months (US citizens).

If you are visiting Seoul Korea for the first time and are wondering what airport you’ll be landing, you’re likely to land at Incheon International Airport and the arrival area is on the ground floor.

Incheon International Airport (IIA) is the biggest airport in South Korea, and has car rental companies, a taxi line and buses which you can use to get to your destination. However, if you don’t want to pay the hefty taxi airport price, I’d suggest getting an airport bus or the airport express train.

A typical bus fare from the airport to downtown Seoul Korea is around 8,000 SKWon (around $7 or £5), compared to a taxi fare which costs around 50,000SKWon (around $44 or £40)

In fact, the transportation system (taxis, trains and buses) in Seoul Korea is one of the best in the world, reliable, affordable, and the best mode of transportation in the city.

Cultural Tips

If you are visiting Seoul Korea for the first time, be in the know that mannerisms are important here and it is important you know the basics so you don’t start your vacation in Seoul Korea on the wrong foot.

For instance, Koreans as a whole are very proud people with a strong cultural heritage so, it is important to respect their customs. Things such as taking ones shoes off when visiting a Korean home, bowing to someone older than you and adhering to table manners such as not drinking from a soup bowl, are very important to know.

This why learning and finding a bit more about Korean culture before you travel can make the difference between an okay vacation or a fantastic vacation in Seoul Korea.

Enjoy your vacation in Seoul Korea and when visiting Seoul Korea for the first time remember to not feel shy when mingling with the locals as many of them speak English and enjoy the company of tourists.

Making a few friends during your trip in Seoul Korea is truly a great way to make your vacation in Seoul Korea a memorable one.

Have a good trip!

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