Popular Places to Visit in Croatia

Popular Places to Visit in Croatia
Best Vacation Spots in Croatia
Are you planning a trip to Croatia soon? Below I put together a list of ten of the most popular places to visit in Croatia:

1. Town of Pula

The town of Pula boasts stunning beaches but also some of the finest Romain remains outside of Italy such as the amphitheater overlooking Pula’s harbor and the Temple of Augustus.

Apart from ancient landmarks, Pula Croatia is one of the most popular places to visit in Croatia because of the many ship wrecks that you can explore scuba diving.

2. Split Promenade

Split is one of the top Eastern European cities to visit. If you’re visiting the city of Split Croatia during the warm months, you’d love strolling along Split’s beautiful promenade, which is dotted with lovely palm trees, cafes overlooking the majestic Adriatic Sea and some of the most popular places to visit in Croatia.

Some of these places include Diocletian Palace, the Archaeological Museum, the Mestrovic Gallery and the Emperor's Mausoleum.

3. Plitvice National Park

If you’ve been to other national parks around the world, you’ll agree that Plitvice National Park sits right at the top of the world’s most beautiful national parks.

The main thing to do at Plitvice National Park is to explore the park and see the lovely waterfalls and blue lakes which seem to change color with the sun.

4. Stari Grad Plain

The Stari Grad Plain is located in the island of Hvar Croatia. It’s one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia and it simply represents one of the best preserved ancient Greek landscapes in the Mediterranean.

5. Town of Makarska

The town of Makarska is located along the famed Makarska Riviera which is one of the most popular places to visit in Croatia because of the many pebble sandy beaches along the 30 mile stretch.

The town of Makarska is home to a Franciscan Monastery which houses an interesting Malacological Museum, and during the summer, the town boasts many cultural events such as folk musical performances and art exhibitions.

6. Old City of Dubrovnik

The Old City of Dubrovnik Croatia is without a doubt one of the most popular places to visit in Croatia, and this part of town is famed for its cobbled limestone streets and architecture.

The main attractions in the Old City are the maritime museum, the Atrium and the Lindo Folk Ensemble where you can enjoy traditional Croatian performances.

7. Porec Old Town

Porec Old Town is one of the most popular places to visit in Croatia and an important stop in your Croatia itinerary, if you’re interested in ancient architecture. The Porec Old Town boasts medieval churches, Byzantine mosaics and even a Roman Coliseum.

8. Pag Island

The island of Pag is just 25 miles north of Zadar's city center, but along the way, you’ll be fascinated by Pag's stunning landscape.

Once you reach Pag’s town, you’ll find old fortifications and churches, as well as the 15th century Duke’s palace.

Before you leave Pag, one of the most popular things to do there it’s to sample local foods such as lamb and cheese which are quite delights.

9. Town of Trogir

The town of Trogir is known for its rich Greek and Roman heritage which translate today in beautiful architecture and plenty of landmarks such as churches, palaces and fortresses such as Karmelengo fortress.

If you’re a big fan of ancient landmarks and are touring Croatia, the town of Trogir should a must-add in your itinerary.

10. Zagreb Croatia

If you're visiting the capital city of Zagreb on a day trip, one of the main things to do in the city of Zagreb is to visit Zagreb's beautiful squares and marveling at the differently color facades of the buildings.

Zagreb is, certainly, one of the top 10 Eastern European Destinations to visit this summer, and apart from marveling at the elegant buildings, you should visit Zagreb’s food markets.

At the food markets, you can buy Croatian foods and purchase traditional embroidered linens to take back home.

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