Top 10 Eastern European Destinations

For those of you getting away this year to Eastern Europe, I have made a quick top 10 list to give you an idea on Eastern European destinations worth considering. Without further ado, I present to you my top 10 Eastern European destinations for this year:

1. Pula Croatia

Pula Croatia is for me one of my top 10 Eastern European destinations this year, and one of the pearls in the Adriatic Sea simply because of Pula's stunning Roman remains such as the Roman Amphitheater overlooking Pula’s lovely harbor. Apart from Roman remains, Pula offers a wealth of things to do outdoors such as taking diving trips off the coast of the Brijuni Islands to explore old ship wrecks, and exotic wildlife.

2. Trabzon Turkey

If you’ve been to touristy destinations in Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir or Kusadasi and are looking for a destination in Turkey with a difference, you’d love Trabzon’s distinctive flavor and cultural diversity. Trabzon is one of the most diverse cities in Turkey and a melting pot of Turkish, Russian and Georgian influences. The main attractions in Trabzon are the shopping district (Bazaar district) and the Aya Sofia Museum which is a smaller version of the one found in Istanbul Turkey.

3. Constanta Romania

Constanta Romania is one of the top Eastern European cities to visit and a popular beach destination along the black Sea coast. Constanta Romania is not only a great destination because of its stunning beaches, but also because of its cultural attractions such as the Natural Science Museum Complex where you’ll find a planetarium, a wildlife reserve and an aquarium.

4. Tirana Albania

Albania is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe by many travelers but if you’re looking for an affordable destination to Europe, Tirana Albania is one of the cheapest summer destinations in Europe. The city of Tirana boasts interesting places such as a national museum where you can see ancient artifacts, as well as a national park where you can enjoy hiking and wildlife spotting. If you want to enjoy the beach, Tirana is just 30 minutes drive from the beach town of Durres.

5. Sochi Russia

Sochi Russia is known as the French Rivera of the east because of its pleasant weather, palm trees lined along the promenade, upscale restaurants and expensive designer boutiques. However, Sochi Russia is in my top 10 Eastern European destinations because of Sochi’s outdoor opportunities. Sochi is located within the stunning Caucasus Bio reserve and not far from the Caucasus Mountains where you can enjoy hiking and climbing.

6. Bratislava Slovakia

If you’re looking for an affordable city vacation in Europe, they don’t come more affordable than the capital city of Slovakia. The city of Bratislava is known for its palaces, many of them turned into museums housing interesting exhibitions, as well as castles such as the Hrad which offer amazing views of the majestic Danube River. Apart from marveling at Bratislava’s landmarks, other great things to do in the capital include visiting a theater and taking a cruise along the River Danube and visit other cities such as Budapest and Vienna.

7. Varna Bulgaria

If you’re looking for other affordable beach destinations in the Black Sea, you shouldn’t overlook the city of Varna Bulgaria. Varna Bulgaria is not only affordable but easily accessible since Varna international airport is only minutes away from the city. Apart from beach activities, Varna is also home to a great shopping scene, many museums as well as ancient remains such as a Roman Bath.

8. Brno Czech Republic

If you are planning a trip to Czech Republic this year and want to avoid the large crowds the city of Prague brings, I would suggest heading to Brno instead. In Brno, you’ll truly get a true Czech experience since the city enjoys a slower pace than its counterpart Prague. The main attractions in Brno are the open air markets, the architecture and landmarks such as the famed Spilberk Castle, which is built on a hill and offers amazing views of the city of Brno.

9. Budapest Hungary

Budapest Hungary is one of the largest cities in Europe and offers a myriad of things to do and places to visit such as Heroes Square and Statue Park where you can see statues from the Communist era. Taking a cruise along the River Danube and visiting Budapest Citadel are other interesting attractions not to miss. The Citadel is home to the Liberation Monument and at night they're both lit up offering a beautiful sight. During the day, you can get panoramic views of the city from the Citadel.

10. Hvar Croatia

The Island of Hvar is located off the coast of mainland Croatia, a short ferry away from Split, and it is one of the top ten vacation spots in Europe. Hvar Croatia boasts lovely weather all year round and most people that travel to Hvar Croatia are looking to enjoy the cocktail bars, vibrant nightlife and Dalmatian cuisine. Having said this, Hvar Croatia is one my top Eastern European destinations because of the outdoor activities that you can do such as taking organized trek excursions through Hvar island exploring old villages and vineyard fields.

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