Things to do in Bennington Vermont

Things to do in Bennington Vermont
popular summer activities in Vermont
South of Vermont is an all year around destination, and some of the most popular summer vacation spots in New England are found on this part of the state.

If you are wondering the best time to visit Bennington Vermont, it pretty much comes down to the kind of activities and things that you intend doing.

For instance, if you’re an outdoors enthusiast, the summer months are one of the best times to explore the town Bennington Vermont.

Bennington Vermont is certainly one of the most popular places to visit in Vermont, and being located nearby the Green Mountain National Forest you can enjoy hiking, fishing, camping and more.

In the fall, Bennington Vermont is one of the best November destinations, as the town becomes popular with leaf peepers alike.

One thing to remember is that if you’re planning on camping outdoors during your trip to Bennington Vermont, it’s that August is the rainiest month, while February gets least amount of rain.

Apart from the many things to do in Bennington Vermont, the town is located within driving distance of Burlington Vermont, located north of the state.

Also, if you’re using car rental, basing your holiday at the town of Bennington Vermont is ideal if you’re looking to explore nearby New York State or Massachusetts State.

Things to do in Bennington Vermont: Outdoor Activities

Green Areas

If you are looking to do picnicking and enjoy recreational activities close to town, Bennington Vermont is home to the massive Willow Park where you can enjoy all kinds of fun family outdoor activities.

Another popular spot in Bennington VT is at Lake Paran, around twelve minutes drive north of Bennington’s town center.

Lake Paran has green areas along its shores, ideal for sunbathing and picnicking, as well as a boat ramp where you can lunch a canoe.


Green Mountain National Forest is home to many campgrounds as well as state parks offering plenty of camping options for primitive camping and hook-ups for RV’s.

For instance, the Greenwood Lodge and the Shady Acres Campground are two of the nearest options for camping, located only six miles from Bennington Vermont.

If you prefer camping out at a state park the Woodford State Park is only eight miles from the town and offers plenty of fishing, hiking and camping opportunities.

Fishing & Hunting

If you’re planning to do hunting and fishing or even trapping, the Tinmouth channel wildlife management area is open to the public.

This wildlife area, located in Wallingford, is only half-hour drive north of Bennington’s town center.

Things to do in Bennington Vermont: Places of Interest


Bennington Museum

The Bennington Museum is a great place if you are interested in art and history, as it features an interesting artifact collection, as well as the impressive Grandma Moses collection.

Bennington Battle Monument

The Bennington Battle Monument is, certainly, one of the most popular attractions in the town, and a great place to learn a bit about Vermont’s history.

It’s located a bit further along from the Bennington Museum, and for as little as a couple of dollars admission you get to go to the top of the monument and enjoy lovely views of the area around.

Bennington Center for the Arts

If you love art exhibits, the Center features a permanent art collection, as well as a changing art exhibition within the Covered Bridge Museum.


If you are interested in art and are looking to add more activities on your Bennington itinerary, the Bennington Center for the Arts offers workshops to suit all levels.

The workshops are held every month for three days from June through August


Another activity worth adding to the list of things to do in Bennington Vermont includes taking a brewery tour.

One popular brewery is Northshire Brewery, located in the heart of the town on County Street. You can arrange a brewery tour and enjoy some lovely tastings.

Things to do in Bennington Vermont: Shopping

The town of Bennington Vermont boasts two malls, the Bennington Square Shopping Center and Monument Plaza Shopping Center, where you can enjoy plenty of retail opportunities.

If you’re looking to shop for arts and crafts, the Craft Center Camelot village is a great place to explore as it features a variety of charming shops that include a vintage shop, a wine shop and an antique shop.

Things to do in Bennington Vermont: Nightlife & Entertainment

Bennington Vermont is not a big town but you can still enjoy a pleasant nightlife and entertainment.

There are a couple of cinemas, bars and music venues where you can enjoy fun karaoke nights and live music bands. One such place is Sue Z Cues Bar, located on School Street.

Things to do in Bennington Vermont: Events & Festivals

South Vermont Concerts

The Bennington Center for the Arts offers regular event-type concerts throughout the year, which are very popular amongst south Vermont’s residents.

For schedule of events, check out the Bennington Area Visitor's Center, located at the Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce on Route 7 one mile north of downtown

Garlic & Herb Festival

If you are traveling to Bennington VT in early September, you can catch the Garlic & Herb Festival held at the Camelot Village.

At the event, you can sample a variety of foods made with garlic such as garlic ice-cream and garlic jelly.

Bennington Moose Festival

If you travel to Bennington Vermont in the fall, one of the most popular events running at this time it’s the Bennington Moose Festival. During the fall, the Bennington's downtown area and main landmarks are dotted with colorful Moose sculptures.

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