Things to do in Tirana Albania

Looking for cheap summer destinations in Europe? Why not travel to Albania?

Must see places in Eastern Europe
If you're considering a trip to the country and wonder where to go, Tirana Albania is a great starting point to your vacation, and one of the top eastern European cities to visit.

Find out below how to get there and popular things to do in Tirana Albania:

Traveling to Tirana Albania

One of the advantages about traveling to Tirana Albania it’s that citizens such as US citizens, Australians and Canadians don’t require a visa. In fact, one of the few requirements to get into the country it’s the entry and departure tax which comes down to around 20 Euros.

Booking flights to Tirana Airport

Tirana Airport (Rinas International Airport) is actually serviced by quite a few popular airlines like Virgin Travel, British Airways and Albanian Airlines, which offer charter flights during the summer season.

If you’re looking at booking a flight to the city of Tirana Albania, you’ll be landing at Rinas International Airport, the only airport in Albania. The airport is actually located just 9 miles from Tirana's city center (around 20 minutes by car).

Rinas International Airport has many modern amenities like free wireless internet, duty-free shops, restaurants and banks where you can exchange some money.

Getting to Tirana

Once you land at the airport, you have three transportation options to get to Tirana's city center:

- Airport Taxis. Which are yellow in color and cost around $15 (17 Euros) for a ride to the city center.

- Car Rental. There are around four car rental companies at the airport which include Europcar and Avis car rental.

- Buses. Buses run hourly to and from the airport and it is the most affordable way to get to the city center costing around $2 (4 Euros).

Things to do in Tirana Albania: Outdoor Activities

One of the most popular things to do in Tirana Albania it’s to explore the nearby Dajti National Park, as well as exploring nearby towns like Durres and Kruje where you can visit the Skenderbeg Museum.

Dajti National Park

Dajti National Park is an excellent place to hike and explore wildlife while enjoying some animal spotting.

The park has also many amenities like recreational areas, restaurants, cabin accommodation rental and picnic areas, which makes an ideal place for spending a couple of days close to nature.

When visiting Dajti National Park, you also don’t want to miss riding the popular Dajti Car Cable for amazing panoramic views.

Day Trip

Adding a day trip to your itinerary is something else worth considering. One of the most popular day trips from Tirana Albania, it’s to ferry out of Durres to southern Italy.

Durres Albania is just 15 miles for Tirana’s city center and can be reached either by car (around 35 minutes) or by train.

For instance, from Durres you could ferry out to nearby Bari Italy, Brindisi Italy or Manfredonia Italy.

Things to do in Tirana Albania: Places of Interest

Skenderbeg Square

The main focal point in the city it’s Skenderbeg Square which surrounds many of the city’s attractions. In the center of the square, you’ll also see Albania’s National hero Skenderbeg.

Et'hem Bey Mosque

The Et'hem Bey Mosque, located opposite the Municipality of Tirana, was constructed in the 18th century and it is a lovely example of Islamic architecture in the country.

Tirana National Museum

If you’re interested in history, the Tirana National Museum (Kombetar Museum) can easily be the highlight of your trip here.

The museum features around eight rooms with different exhibits such as a Middle-Ages room where you can see ancient artifacts like weapons, gold coins and documents.

Municipality of Tirana

If you’re visiting the city for the first time, a visit to the Municipality of Tirana (Bashkia e Tiranes) is one of the best things to do in Tirana Albania.

It acts as a visitor center, and you’ll be able to find out more information about the city, events, etc.

Outside of Tirana Albania

Petrela Castle

Petrela Castle is located just 5 miles (10 minutes drive) south of Tirana Albania, near Petrele. The castle used to be a fortified castle in the 13th century but have been now turned into a lovely restaurant.

Apart fro enjoying a nice meal, you can take amazing panoramic pictures from the castle and the castle itself, so it’s worth the visit.

Konti Castle

Konti Castle is located 5 miles northwest of Tirana’s city center, nearby Kristal University (10 minutes drive), and has been turned into a luxury hotel.

Whether you book yourself at the hotel or not, Castle Konti hotel makes for a wonderful picture-taking opportunity.

Things to do in Tirana Albania: Shopping

If you love retail shopping, there are plenty of shopping opportunities at the city’s shopping centers.

For instance, in the city center you have Galeria Mall and Casa Italia featuring a range of mid-size shops.

QTU and City Park shopping centers offer a better range of shops that include supermarkets. They are located outside of Tirana’s city center, along Tirana-Durres highway (around 10 minutes drive).

If you’re looking to grab a bargain, head to one of the city’s open-air markets like the popular Turkish Market.

The Turkish Market sells many leather goods like bags, jackets and shoes as well as electronics and that kind of thing.

Things to do in Tirana Albania: Nightlife & Entertainment

You’ll be glad to know that Tirana Albania has a lively night scene with discos and bars offering live entertainment like karaoke nights.

One popular street where you can find bars and restaurants is along Rruga Ded Gjo Luli.

Entertainment-wise, there are cinemas, and a couple of theaters near Skenderbeg Square. For instance, the Puppet Theater which features children’s shows, while the National Theater is a great place to catch interesting shows like dramas and musicals.

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