Warm Winter Destinations in the US

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Are you looking for warm winter destinations in the US this winter?

The southern warmer climes of the United States offer indeed some of the best places to go on vacation this winter.

However, not all vacation spots in southern USA boast warm weather in the winter.

For instance, places like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Dallas Texas can get cold indeed. Even places like New Orleans in Louisiana can get fairly chilly, if not cold.

Having said this, bear in mind that cold snaps can happen on most southern states, so you can expect day temperatures typically in the upper 50’s and night temperatures to be very chilly.

The only state where you can almost guarantee mild and pleasant weather, it's on the southern region of Florida.

If you’re wondering about southwest US vacation spots that enjoy balmy weather, places like San Antonio in Texas, Phoenix in Arizona and southern California are great warm winter destinations in the US.

To give you a clearer idea of warm winter destinations in the US, here you have two lists. One of ‘truly balmy’ destinations and the other of ‘not so balmy’ destinations:

Truly Balmy Destinations

- Southern Florida. Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and St Augustine offer reliable balmy weather.
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- Southern Texas. Southernmost areas of Texas also offer truly balmy weather. For instance, the town of South Padre Island is one of the best Spring Break locations in the USA in the spring, but during the winter months, South Padre is a great place for a relaxing vacation.

Not so Balmy Destinations

The following destinations boast mild and pleasant weather (low 60’s during the day) although days can get chilly and nights can get below freezing:

- South-Central Arizona. Places such as Prescott AZ, Phoenix AZ and Tucson are popular warm winter destinations in the US.

- Southern California. Places such as San Jose, San Diego and San Francisco.

- South Region US. Places such as Charleston in South Carolina, Savannah in Georgia, New Orleans Louisiana and Natchez Mississippi.

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