Interesting places to visit in Estonia

Interesting places to visit in Estonia
Must see places in Eastern Europe
Looking for interesting places to visit in Estonia?
Estonia is probably best known for the capital city of Tallinn which is one of the top eastern European cities to visit because of Tallinn’s Old Town.

The Old Town boasts some of the most beautiful medieval streets in Europe and best preserved medieval buildings such as the House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads Guild Hall.

Having said this, stunning architecture isn’t the only thing that Estonia boasts, you’ll also find breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches such as the ones in the beach town of Pamu.

In fact, Pamu is one of the top 10 eastern European destinations to visit in the summer, and a great beach destination if you’re looking for cheap summer destinations in Europe.

If you’re planning a to vacation to Estonia, find below some of the must-see attractions and places to visit:


Tallinn being the capital city and where you’re most likely land in Estonia is an excellent starting point for a first time vacation in the country.

There are many things to do and one of the most interesting places to visit in Tallinn is the Old Town which is a beautiful example of a 15th century medieval town.

Tallinn Old Town boasts beautiful cobblestone streets, gabled houses with some of the most fascinating architectural buildings and landmarks such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Dominican Monastery, Helleman Tower and Toompea Castle.

Another place you don’t want to miss visiting in Tallinn is the Estonian Maritime Museum to learn about traditional ship building techniques and maritime navigation aids used back then.

Hellemann Tower is also a great attraction because of the amazing views you can get of the Old Town.

If you’re traveling to Tallinn for the first time, you can take a self guided waking tour of the Old Town, though if you are just visiting Tallinn for a few days, you may want to hire a local guide to make your most of your visit to the city.


If you’re basing your holiday in Estonia in the city of Tallinn, you’d want to explore other places, and the town of Tartu is an excellent place to getaway for a day trip to escape the crowds in Tallinn.

Tartu boasts many green spaces where you can take an enjoyable hike, and it is one of the best places to get a feel of the real Estonia.

Tartu is rural town but the architecture found here is simply outstanding with many buildings and landmarks for you to photograph such as Kissing Students Fountain and the statues of Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde.

Tartu also boast some of the most interesting places to visit in Estonia such as the National Museum of Estonia and the Estonian Folk Museum where you can learn about Estonian culture and marvel at interesting period artefacts.


Haapsalu is a popular seaside resort during the summer months but during the off season, Haapsalu is another excellent relaxing getaway for a day trip from Tallinn.

Haapsalu also boasts a lovely medieval town square with interesting architecture such as the Haapsalu Castle, as well as a few museums worth visiting such as the Estonian Swedes Museum and the Laanemaa Museum both of which show interesting traditional Swedish artifacts.

Hiiumaa Island

Hiiumaa Island is Estonia’s second biggest island, and one of the most interesting places to visit in Estonia, hands down!

If you’re planning on visiting Haapsalu, you’d want to add a side trip to Hiiumaa Island to explore the amazing pristine surroundings.

The island also boasts interesting places you can visit such as Kopu Lighthouse, Kassari Church, and Soru Museum.

Hiiumaa Island is easily reached by ferry from Rohukula port, taking around 45 minutes of sailing time.

Saaremaa Island

Saaremaa Island is Estonia’s largest island and home to one of the most interesting places to visit in Estonia - Kuressaare Castle, which is the best preserved medieval fortress in the Baltic region.

Kuressaare Castle is located on the beautiful town of Kuressaare where you will also find Town Hall, which is another popular attraction because of the massive ceiling painting.

If you love nature, you’d also love exploring Saaremaa Island’s cliffs and the many meteorite craters scattered throughout the island.

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