Interesting places to visit in Latvia

Interesting places to visit in Latvia
Must see places in Eastern Europe
Looking for interesting places to visit in Latvia?

Known as one of the gems of the Baltic Region, Latvia is perhaps most famously known for the Statue of Lady Liberty –Freedom Monument (pictured)– located in the capital city of Riga.

The city of Riga is certainly one of the top eastern European cities to visit because of the wealth of historical buildings and lovely medieval streets.

If you’ve never been to Latvia before, Latvia has Germany influences and places such as the capital city of Riga feels like Germany because of the beautiful architecture and many beer gardens.

In a nutshell, Latvia is home to friendly locals, beautiful architecture, many green areas, castle ruins and some of the most pristine natural scenery found in eastern Europe.

Here it is the list of places that I enjoyed visiting in Latvia, and that you may find interesting to visit:


Riga’s Old Town is one of the most interesting places to visit in Latvia and taking a walking tour is one of the best ways to marvel at the beautiful architectural buildings while walking along beautiful narrow cobblestone streets.

Riga boats many historic buildings such as the House of the Blackheads, Riga’s opera house and St Peters Church where you can get stunning views of Riga’s city center. There are a few must-see places in Riga and one of them it’s the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia.

The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia is an interesting attraction for history buffs, but if you’re interested about the country's history, you'll find interesting learning about Latvia’s occupation during World War II.

The Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum is another must-visit attraction in Latvia. The museum is located around 20 minute’s drive east of Riga, and it is located in beautiful forest grounds. This open-air museum is a great place to glimpse at Latvian way of life back in the 18th century.

Lastly, the Riga Motor Museum‎ is another interesting place to visit in Riga, especially if you’re interested in cars and motorcycles, as the museum boasts a massive exhibition hall filled with all kinds of vintage and classic cars.


The town of Sigulda is another of the interesting places to visit in Latvia and an excellent destination if you plan to enjoy outdoor activities as it is within driving distance of the majestic Gauja National Park which is just 10 minutes drive west of Sigulda.

The main attractions in Sigulda are the ruins of Krimulda Castle, the lovely 19th century Sigulda New Castle and the knight’s stronghold.


The small town of Turaida is home to the Turaida Museum Reserve which is also on my list of interesting places to visit in Latvia.

Turaida Museum Reserve is home to the Turaida Castle which is a beautifully restored medieval castle which also offers amazing views of the Gauja Valley.You’ll also find at the reserve, Folk song Park which boasts interesting sculptures of Latvian folk song heroes.

By the way, Turaida is just 10 minutes drive north of Sigulda and can easily be reached by bus so, it's worth adding to your itinerary of things to do in Latvia.

Gauja National Park

As mentioned earlier, Gauja National Park is just a short drive from Sigulda and it is one of the best places to appreciate Latvia’s pristine scenery and natural attractions such as massive Eagle's sandstone cliffs.

If you’re visiting Latvia this fall or next spring, they are the best times to visit Gauja Natinal Park, specially if you're planning on enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and boating by the lake.


Cesis is a lovely Latvian medieval town and another great destination for a day trip from either Riga or Sigulda. The town is also located within close proximity to the Gauja National Park so you also get a chance to enjoy outdoor activities.

Cesis’ is on my list on interesting places to visit in Latvia because the town is one of the oldest in Latvia, and there are plenty of historic churches and buildings with beautifully decorated doors to marvel at such as St John’s Church.

Cesis also has a few beautiful squares with interesting monuments such as Liv Square and Union Square.

Cesis is also home to castles and fortresses such as the ruins of Cesis Castle and Cesis New Castle where you’ll find the Cesis Museum of History.


If you’re visiting Latvia mainly to explore architecture and the outdoors, the town of Kuldilga is another destination worth adding to your itinerary. The town of Kudilaga boasts many canals, a beautiful guilded Jewish Synagogue as well as a Town Hall.

Apart from marveling at beautiful architecture, another highlight in Kudilga is exploring the Venta River Valley to visit Ventas Rumba, where you’ll find Vestas Rapid which is one of the widest natural rapids in Europe.

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