Interesting places to visit in New York State

Looking for interesting places to visit in New York State?

Interesting places to visit in New York State
Fun Places to go in NYC
New York State is perhaps most famously known for being home to the biggest city in the states - NYC, and the astonishing Niagara Falls. (see top 10 things to do in NYC).

New York State is also home to the Federal Hall Building which is the place where the Bill of Rights was passed, as well as the place where the presidential inauguration of George Washington took place.

New York City truly offers a myriad of fun things to do and interesting places to visit but you will equally be blown away by the different attractions  that the rest of the state offers.

Here it is some of the interesting places to visit in New York State that you wouldn't want to miss on a vacation here:


The city of Buffalo NY is first on my list of interesting places to visit in New York State because of its close proximity to the Niagara Falls, which one of the top natural wonders in the US.

Niagara Falls is New York’s biggest natural attractions and an extraordinary wonder to marvel at.
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One of the best places to get 360 panoramic views of the falls it’s from Niagara Falls Observation Tower.

Once inside the Niagara Park, you’ll be to enjoy all kind of activities and many tours. Tow of the best are the Cave of the Winds tour and the Lady of the Mist boat tour.

Buffalo NY is also a great destination to base your New York vacation, if you’re planning on exploring popular southern Ontario vacation spots such as Hamilton and Toronto.


Rochester is on my list of interesting places to visit in New York State because of Lake Ontario and the many opportunities for enjoying fun outdoor activities at the nearby Kodak Park such as hiking and visiting vineyards.
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Rochester is also an excellent place to enjoy walking history tours and explore period architecture such as the George Eastman House and the Susan Anthony House.

New York City

New York City is, along Las Vegas Nevada, two of the most renowned cities in the world, and two of the top 25 places to visit in the US.

New York City truly boasts an immense variety of attractions and you’ll need, at least, a week to get to see and experience most of them.

If you’re planning on visiting New York City on a short vacation, here it is my top lists of attractions that you don’t want miss out:

South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport is an excellent place to get amazing views of the famed Brooklyn Bridge and marveling at the historic ships docked at the port.

From South Street Port, you can also book a boat trip to Eris Island to check out the Statue of Liberty.

The area around South Street is also an excellent place to hang out as it’s filled with shops, cafes and restaurants.

Top of the Rock Rockefeller Plaza

The Top of the Rock Rockefeller Plaza is probably one of the most underrated attractions in New York City, but if you’re looking to enjoy stunning views of the city without queues, the Top of the Rock Rockefeller Plaza is one of the best places to get panoramic views of The City.

Federal Hall

If you’re a history buff and love art, you’d love touring the Federal Hall Building and seeing the actual bible George Washington sworn oath.

Broadcasting Studios

Touring one of New York’s major broadcasting studios is another popular thing to do in New York City to find out the interesting things that go on behind backstage.
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One of my favorite broadcasting studio tours it’s the Radio City Music Hall because you get to meet members of the famed Rockettes dance company.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral is just a ten minute walk from Radio City Music Hall, and it’s one of the most interesting places to visit in New York city because of its stunning beauty.

If you can visit to the cathedral, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful inside-and-out views of the church and breathtaking vaulted ceilings.

Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo is a beautiful and relaxing place which offers a peaceful retreat from the busy crowds. After a long day walking up and down and visiting attractions, you’ll enjoy winding-down at the park to recharge batteries.


If you’ve got enough time to fit another destination, it should be Bronx, as it is just half hour drive north of the city center.

In Bronx, you’ll find the Bronx Botanical Gardens which is another of the interesting places to visit in New York State.

This botanical garden boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes and stunning gardens in the world, and the gardens offer an stunning location to enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

New York State Fall Foliage

If you’re planning a vacation this autumn, New York State is one of the best places to see fall foliage in the states, and experiencing the fall color change is one of the most popular things to do in New York State during this time of year.

There are many beautiful spots in New York State, and New York City Parks offer plenty of options for enjoying the fall foliage.

A couple of my favorite spots for a leaf-peeping trip include Tuxedo Park in Sterling Forest State Park and Pelham Bay Park in Bronx.

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