Cheap Ski Vacation in Europe

Fancy a cheap skiing getaway this winter?

There is no doubt that skiing destinations in Europe such the Swiss Alps in Switzerland and the Pyrenees in Andorra are two of the best places for skiing vacation because of the enticing slopes and hundreds of ski areas.

For instance, Pas de la Casa ski resort in Andorra and Zermatt ski resort are two of the most renowned in the world because of the consistent skiing continuously up until the summer.

However, both Zermatt and Pas de la Casa are also two of the most expensive places for a skiing vacation because of the expensive hotels, shops and ski rental shops.

If you’re looking for a cheap skiing vacation with the family this half-term or a skiing trip with friends where you can enjoy a great skiing vacation with fewer crowds, look no further than a trip to Eastern Europe.

Two of the hottest destinations for a cheap skiing vacation are Ukraine and Czech Republic. These two places not only offer cheap ski rental equipment and hotels but also good nightlife and good ski runs.

Cheap Ski Vacation in Europe
Things to do in Eastern Europe
If you decide a ski vacation in Ukraine or Czech Republic, you need to plan accommodation and transportation in advance, but the good thing is that you can simply show up at the resort on the day you arrive.

Where to ski? The main ski areas are located in the Carpathians range as it’s here where you’ll find all kinds of accommodation, and ski rentals. The best ski area in the region is Angarskyy Pass, which is certainly one of the cheapest destinations for a ski vacation in Europe.

In the Czech Republic, you get a similar story, attractive prices and fewer crowds. The main ski areas are located north of Prague, the Krkonose range, which boasts verticals of over 1000 meters.

Where to ski? The best ski area in this region is the Spindleruv Mlyn which boasts many affordable hotels, restaurants and ski rental shops, and it’s a stone-throw away from Prague.

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