Interesting places to visit in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful place home to beautiful castles, medieval architecture, stunning forests, glacier lakes and the beautiful Alps. Slovenia is a great place to visit all year around regardless of what you enjoy doing. For instance, in the winter, you can enjoy a cheap ski vacation at one of the many ski-resorts, hiking and horseback riding through forest and water activities during the warm months.

Interesting places to visit in Slovenia
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Slovenia truly offers a ton of things to do and attractions to visit and you’ll never be bored here. Once you visit Slovenia, you’ll want to comeback again! Below are some of the most interesting places to visit in Slovenia and things to do there:


Ljubljana is the cultural heart of Slovenia and one of the top eastern European cities to visit without a doubt. Ljubljana is also located in the heart of Slovenia, which makes Ljubljana a good base for a first time ski vacation in Slovenia.

Many of the interesting places to visit in Slovenia are located in Ljubljana, and one of the top things to do in the capital is explore the city’s historic center, which is characterized for its Baroque style architecture similar to that of cities in Austria such as Vienna and Graz.
A few interesting places worth checking out in Ljubljana’s historic center are:

- The Town Hall
- Ljubljana Cathedral in the Town Square
- St. Peter’s Church, the oldest church in the city
- Dragon Bridge to check out the four dragon statues located at the bridge’s four corners.
- Cankarjevo Dock to check out the open-air market on Saturday.
- Tivoli Park
- Robba Fountain in the City Square

There is a medieval castle worth checking out - Ljubljana Castle – which is perched atop a hill and serves as a vantage point for enjoying memorable views of the city.

As I mentioned earlier, Ljubljana is a cultural city so if you’re into museums and art galleries there are plenty to visit.

If you’re interested in the history of Slovenia, three places worth checking out are the Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Slovenian Railway Museum and the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum.

The Slovenian Railway Museum is in particular a cool place to visit because of the vintage carriages and steam locomotives collections.


Bled is located near the border with Austria, and around 90 minutes drive northwest of Ljubljana. The town of Bled is one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia and a great place to visit on a day trip to marvel at the beautiful Alpine scenery, the lake and the forests.

If you fancy an outdoors vacation in Slovenia, Bled is a great place to base yourself because of the nearby Triglav National Park where you can enjoy hiking.

Lake Bled and Bled Castle (pictured) are the major attractions in Bled and two of the interesting places to visit in Slovenia, hands down. Lake Bled is a great attraction for enjoying boat tours along the lake and trips to the lovely island in the middle of the lake.

The interior of Bled Castle has many interesting medieval artefacts and from the terrace of the castle, you can get stunning views of the lake


Maribor is located on the northwest corner of the country, just miles from the border with Austria, and it is one the biggest cities in Slovenia.

If you’re looking to do day trips to nearby Austria, Maribor is just 50 minutes drive south of Graz Austria.

Maribor isn’t far from the capital either, which makes the city a popular day trip opportunity from Ljubljana.

Maribor boasts many churches and many squares, as well as many interesting buildings and monuments that you can explore on foot.

One of the famous landmarks in the city is Maribor Castle, not only a great place to look at, but also interesting to visit.

Maribor Castle is definitely on my list of interesting places to visit in Slovenia, and you'll love marvelling at the hundreds of aristocrat costumes, war uniforms and working class attire on display.

The Old Vine (Stara trta) House Museum in Maribor is another attraction you don’t want to miss, as it is on the Guinness Book of Records for being home to the oldest vine in the world.

At the Old Vine Museum, you can check out interesting exhibits like wooden wine flanks and enjoy different sorts of wine tasting.


The city of Piran is a lovely coastal town overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea, and one place worth adding to the list of interesting places to visit in Slovenia.

If you’ve been to Pula and Dubrovnik in Croatia before, you’ll love spending time in Piran and swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Piran is a popular place to visit for a beach vacation, though the town offers plenty of things to do also such as visiting the many museums and enjoying a walking tour through the cobblestone and narrow streets of Piran’s Old Town.

Two museums worth checking out in Piran are Piran Town Museum and the Sergej Masera Maritime Museum. These two have interesting exhibits on Slovenia naval history and cool archeological artifacts on display.

Skofja Loka

If you’re looking for more day trip opportunities from Ljubljana, Skofja Loka is just half hour drive northwest of the capital, and also one of the gem destinations in the country.

Skofja Loka is on my list of interesting places to visit in Slovenia because of the beautiful medieval architecture and the beautiful surroundings.

If you’re visiting Slovenia for the medieval architecture and learn about Slovenian old traditions, Skofja Loka is the best place for this.

Skofja Loka has one of the best kept medieval towns as well as many interesting events such as medieval battle reenactments that showcase Slovenia’s traditions and culture

Other popular things to do in Skofja Loka include taking a stroll along the Old Town and visiting the museums, as well as visiting Skofja Loka Castle where you can check out cool archeological and mediaeval artifacts and art collections.

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