Interesting places to visit in Slovakia

Must see places in Eastern Europe
Looking for interesting places to visit in Slovakia?

Tucked away in the heart of Eastern Europe, Slovakia is perhaps most famously known for the High Tatra mountain range which forms the natural border with Poland.

The High Tatra are certainly the most popular and most stunning natural attraction in Slovakia and a great place to visit on a ski vacation or hiking trip during the warm months.

Apart from breathtaking scenery and amazing landscapes, Slovakia boasts plenty of tourist attractions you can visit such as stunning caves and old medieval towns, as well as renowned galleries such as the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava.

If you’re looking for a cheap summer destination in Europe which isn’t overrun by tourists, even during the busy months, Slovakia is the place for you!


Kosice is located on the eastern corner of Slovakia and it’s one of the top eastern European cities to visit because of its rich history and wealth of attractions.

If you’re planning on doing tons of sightseeing, Kosice has one of the largest and best preserved historic centers in Slovakia.

Kosice historic center boasts plenty of medieval buildings such as the Bell Tower, the iconic 14th century St. Elisabeth Cathedral and Jakabov’s Palace.

If you’re a museum buff, there are many museums and galleries in Kosice to keep you busy.

However, if you’re pushed for time, two places you don't want to miss are the East Slovak Museum, which has interesting Stone Age and Middle Age exhibitions; and the Slovak Technical Museum, which has cool science expositions.

Krasnohorske Podhradie

If you’re interested in grandeur and lavish architecture, the the village of Krasnohorske Podhradie is another of the interesting places to visit in Slovakia.

Krasnohorske Podhradie is home to one of the most stunning castles in the country and also, one of the oldest – the Krasna Horka castle (pictured) – which used to be the residence of the Andrassy family.

You can tour the castle’s mausoleum and all thirty rooms of the castle while marveling at beautiful furnishings and illustrious trinkets owned by the Andrassy family.

If you’re basing your vacation in Kosice, Krasnohorske Podhradie is just 60 minutes drive west of the city.


If you are a war history buff, the village of Dargov is a great day trip opportunity from Kosice for World War II tours.

Dargov is located just half hour drive east of Kosice, and the village was the battlefield grounds of one of the bloodiest World War II battles fought in Slovakia between Germans and Russians where more than 30,000 soldiers lost their lives.

Today, Dargov boasts a beautiful memorial that includes two original Russian tanks and two beautiful marble monuments, honoring the soldiers.


Betliar is a charming village located 10 minutes drive north of Krasnohorske Podhradie village and the town of Roznava.

Betliar is home to another of the interesting places to visit in Slovakia - the Betliar Manor House - which was also a place of residence of the Andrassy family.

You can tour the interior of Betliar Manor House and check out the art collections, weapons, old furniture and beautiful ceramic and glass items.

Slovak Karst National Park

If you’re looking to enjoy fun outdoor activities during your vacation in Slovakia besides skiing, be sure to add Slovak Karst National Park to your list of interesting places to visit in Slovakia.

Slovak Karst National Park is one of the best places in the country to enjoy Slovakia’s stunning natural scenery, as well as hikes and cave tours.

There are over 500 caves in total in the area, though only a few of them are open to visitors. Two of the best caves to enjoy a cave tour are Domica cave and Gombasecka cave.

These tow caves have an inexpensive entry fee (around $4) and boast stunning and impressive stalactite formations.

If you’re wondering where Slovak Karst Caves are located, they’re located near the village of Figa (near the border with Hungary), around 30 minutes drive southwest of the town of Roznava.


Poprad is another of the interesting places to visit in Slovakia as the town is located at the foot of the beautiful High Tatras, which is the shortest mountain range (length-wise) in Europe.

If you’re planning on exploring the High Tatras or even Poland on a day trip, Poprad is a great place for a base, and it’s only two hours drive northwest of Kosice.

If you’re planning a trek or hiking trip, you’ll be able to hire tour guide services in Porpad which will help you get knowledgeable guides and arrange accommodation for day trips to the High Tatras.

Alternatively, you can marvel at the stunning alpine scenery of the High Tatras from the comfort of the Tatra Electric Railway which connects the resorts in the High Tatras, as well as other destinations in Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic.

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