Places to visit in Genoa Italy

Exploring the north of Italy?

Places to visit in Genoa Italy

If you’re exploring northern Italy and have included Genoa on your itinerary and are looking for a list of interesting attractions, I have included them below along with other top places to visit in Genoa Italy:

Piazza De Ferrari

Piazza De Ferrari is the main square of the city and certainly the most beautiful square in Genoa, which is not surprising why Piazza De Ferrari is one of the most popular places to visit in Genoa Italy.

Piazza De Ferrari also leads to the main shopping street in Genoa – Via XX Settembre – and the square itself is surrounded by many historical palaces, monuments and buildings such as:

- the Palace of the Doges (Palazzo Ducale)
- the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts
- the Theatre Carlo Felice
- the statue of Giusepe Garibaldi
- the palace of the Duke of Galliera

If you’re visiting Genoa on a short day trip, the Palace of the Doges or Palazzo Ducale is one of the top attractions near Piazza De Ferrari that you don’t want to miss visiting.

You can explore Palazzo Ducale main hall and court yards, interesting art exhibitions, and all the palace's floors.

Via (Street) Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi is one of the most famous streets in Genoa, and being on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it’s one of the top places to visit in Genoa Italy, hands down!

Via Garibaldi is just 10 minutes walk north of Piazza De Ferrari and it’s a lovely cobblestone street filled with charming little shops, street buskers and beautiful old palaces such as Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Tursi which are today art galleries.

Old Port

Genoa’s Old Port (Marina Porto Antico) is just 12 minutes walk west of Piazza De Ferrari and it’s another of the places to visit in Genoa Italy for marvelling at historic buildings such as old cotton warehouses and palaces.

The Old Port is also home to fun attractions such as an aquarium, botanical garden, a maritime museum, a pirate ship replica and a shipyard crane – called Bigo – with a glass cabin lift which takes you 60 meters high and providing panoramic views of the harbour and Genoa.

Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

The Cemetery of Staglieno is the largest cemeteries in Europe and another of the places to visit in Genoa Italy worth checking out.

The Cemetery of Staglieno isn’t located in the heart of the center of Genoa but if you don't mind a 40 minute walk, you can visit it on foot.

If you’re using car rental, the cemetery is just 10 minutes drive north of Piazza De Ferrari and it’ll be worth the trip just to check out the colossal sculptures, and famous grave yards.

Villeta Di Negro Park

Villeta Di Negro is located by Piazza Corvetto, just a few minutes walk from both Via Garibaldi and Piazza De Ferrari.

Villeta Di Negro Park is another of the popular places to visit in Genoa Italy as it’s one of the few green areas within the heart of the city center.

The park is also a popular attraction as it’s home to the statue of Genoa’s greatest notable - Giuseppe Mazzini – and the popular Museum of Oriental Art.

Apart from being able to enjoy pleasant walks, you’ll be able to get nice views of Genoa’s city center from the top of the hill of the park.

Durazzo-Pallavicini Villa and Park

Durazzo-Pallavicini Villa Park (pictured) is located 20 minutes drive west of Genoa’s city center, near Genoa Cristoforo Colombo airport.

Durazzo-Pallavicini Villa is located out of the way of most of the other city attractions, but if you’re looking for a pleasant attraction to escape the crowds, be sure to add Durazzo-Pallavicini Villa to the list of places to visit in Genoa Italy.

The villa is located within a beautiful park and includes an archeological museum, a botanical garden and many interesting structures such as a Chinese Pagoda and a Turkish Temple.

Genoa city walls

Genoa city walls, gates and fortresses are also quite impressive and popular Genoa attractions in their own right.

Today, Genoa City Walls are divided in large portions such as the main city walls – called the New Walls - which are actually very well preserved and one the longest remaining fortress walls in the whole of Italy.

The ‘New Walls’, which located along the ridge of the hills that encircle Genoa downtown, are undoubtedly the most imposing city walls left in Genoa.

You’ll find smaller portions of Genoa City Walls around Sarzano Hill, close to the railway station and Malapaga.

One of the main gates - Porta Soprana – is located not far from Piazza De Ferrari, while the other one - Porta dei Vacca – is located by the Old Port.

Most of Genoa fortresses were built outside of the city on the mountains and, today, the fortresses offer the opportunity to get stunning views of Genoa and the area around.

If you’d like to check out some of the fortresses, there is one on top of Mount Peralto and two in the Genoa Bolzaneto Mountains – Fort Begato and Fort Diamante.

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