Places to Visit in Puyallup

Places to Visit in Puyallup
Top 10 things to do in Washington State
Puyallup Washington State is perhaps most popular known for the Puyallup Tribe and the beautiful daffodil fields. In fact, if you're a fan of daffodils, you can catch in Puyallup the annual Daffodil Parade this in April.

Puyallup is truly a lovely and charming place to visit and, undoubtedly, one of the top places to vacation with kids in Washington State because of Puyallup’s annual fairs.

Besides all of the attractions that Puyallup has to offer, another great thing about a visit to Puyallup is that you’re only a short drive from Seattle and Tacoma.

We’ve listed below all the attractions in Puyallup and must see places to visit:

Karshner Memorial Museum‎

The Karshner Memorial Museum‎ is one of the top places to visit in Puyallup and one of the best cultural attraction in town.

If you enjoy educational exhibits, you’ll enjoy spending time at the Karshner Memorial Museum‎ seeing interesting exhibits and impressive collections such as Native American woven baskets, hand carved figurines, fossils, Eskimo artifacts and much more.

The Karshner Memorial Museum‎ is located in downtown at 309 4th Street Northeast.

Fred Oldfield Western Heritage‎ Center

The Fred Oldfield‎ Center is another of the top cultural attractions in town and one of the most amazing places to visit in Puyallup if you want learn about the American West and Western Art through the eyes of Fred Oldfield.

Besides the permanent painting collections on display by Fred Oldfield himself, the Fred Oldfield Western Heritage‎ Center also boasts interesting audio and visual exhibits about Native Americans and pioneer life.

The Fred Oldfield Western Heritage‎ Center is located at 110 9th Street Southwest

Puyallup Farmer’s Market

If you’re traveling this spring or summer to the city, you’ll be able to catch Puyallup farmer’s market, which is held at Pioneer Park.

If you love farmer’s markets, you’ll definitely love exploring Puyallup farmer’s market to mingle with the locals and buy quality local produce, arts and crafts.

Puyallup Fair & Events Center

If you’re visiting Puyallup in early fall Puyallup Fair and events center is another of the places to visit in Puyallup.

The Puyallup Fair and events center is home to the Puyallup Fair in early September (between the 10th -26th) and is, without a doubt, one of the most popular family events in town. Everyone will absolutely have an amazing time enjoying the fun rides, rodeo shows, cattle drives, comedy shows and kid’s activities like treasure hunt.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is located in the heart of downtown Puyallup and it’s another of the popular places to visit in Puyallup, especially during the warm months of the year when you can enjoy picnics on the grassy areas.

Pioneer Park also is also home to a wading pool and play areas for the little ones, as well as a cool library located next to it.

Spring Fair

Spring Fair is another of the popular annual fairs. If you’re planning to visit Puyallup this April, you’ll be able to attend this fair which happens between the 14th and 17th of April. Spring Fair is also held at the Puyallup Fair and Events Center at 9th Avenue Southwest.

If you can’t attend Puyallup Fair in early autumn, you’ll be glad to know that the Spring Fair boasts even more things to do. For instance, you can watch live entertainment like pig races, garden show competitions, dancing horses, and the popular “Slamfest Demo Derby” where you can see amazing car stunts.

The Spring Fair also boasts lots of activities and workshops for kids like face painting, art, baking, and a science exhibit.

Ezra Meeker Mansion‎

The Ezra Meeker Mansion‎ is another popular tourist attraction in Puyallup, and one of the few places in Puyallup that are on the register of historic places.

The mansion is a well preserved 18-room Victorian mansion that belonged to Ezra Meeker (the first mayor of Puyallup). The tour of the house is great as the original d├ęcor and furnishings are original, so you get the feeling of stepping back in time!

Daffodil Entertainment Center

Daffodil Entertainment Center is one of the most popular places to visit in Puyallup for families to enjoy a fun day catching a game of bowling and arcade games.

Daffodil Entertainment Center is also a popular place to visit during the winter months as the center holds the annual bowling league competition.

Daffodil Entertainment Center is located in downtown at 1624 E Main.

Swan Creek County Park

If you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll also want to visit to Swan Creek County Park. Swan Creek County Park is a great place to visit in Puyallup not only to enjoy outdoor activities like bird watching, hiking and picnicking, but also to see salmon spawning in late fall!

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