Places to Visit in Marquette

Places to Visit in Marquette
Places to go in Michigan in the summer
Marquette Michigan is most famously known as a winter sports paradise boasting unspoiled beauty and the popular Marquette Mountain ski area, which is one of the top 10 places to ski in the US.

If you’re looking for a vacation spot in the Midwest where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hunting and fishing, you’ll be glad to know that Marquette is truly a winter outdoors wonderland!

Besides skiing, Marquette is also one of the top US cities to visit in winter because of the many interesting places, cool attractions and annual events such as Winterfest.

Marquette Welcome Center

If you’re a fist time visitor to Marquette, the Marquette Welcome Center is one of the first places to visit in Marquette to learn more about the town attractions and events. If you’re only visiting for a short vacation, you’ll be able to plan your vacation from the welcome center, as well as grab guide books, maps and free brochures.

The Marquette Welcome Center is located just outside of the downtown area, just a couple of miles past Econo Lodge Lakeside.

Marquette Maritime Museum

Marquette Maritime Museum is one of the top attractions in town and a great place to visit as it boasts interesting collections and exhibits about Marquette’s boating and shipwreck history.

The museum boasts an impressive collection on lighthouse lenses and line-throwing guns, as well as various artifacts on display such as Native American canoes and a replica fishing shack.

Another great thing about the Maritime Museum is that a visit to there also includes a tour inside of Marquette Harbour Lighthouse and grounds around it.

Marquette Maritime Museum is located near McCarthy’s Cove at 300 Lake Shore Boulevard.

Upper Peninsula Children's Museum

If you’re visiting Marquette with family, the Upper Peninsula children’s museum is a great place to take kids for a fun day out. The museum boasts many hands-on exhibits and different play areas for the little ones to have fun.

The Upper Peninsula Children's Museum is located adjacent Father Marquette Park at 123 West Baraga Avenue.

Marquette County History Museum

If you’re interested in seeing more old artifacts and learning more about the history of the area, you won’t want to miss a visit to Marquette County History Museum.

The History Museum is located at 145 West Spring Street and boasts many audio and visual exhibits on Native Americans and early pioneer life, as well as an scaled-to-size model of 19th century Marquette.

Northern Michigan University

If you’re interested in exploring the Northern Michigan University, you’ll find at the campus another of the top places to visit in town - The DeVos Art Museum.

The DeVos Art Museum boasts a couple of galleries, one of which is dedicated to Native American and Japanese cultures, while the other gallery houses exhibits that include works by the students.

Presque Isle Park

Presque Isle Park is one of the best places to visit in Marquette to enjoy lovely views of Lake Superior, explore wildlife, see cool rock formations and enjoy a bit of hiking.

Presque Isle Park is also a great place to take the family as the park boasts picnic tables, barbecue pits, kid’s playgrounds and a nature center where you can enjoy fun activities and interactive programs such as science experiments, movie nights and snowshoeing classes.

Oasis Gallery/ Wolfgang’s Haus of Glass

If you fancy seeing more local art works, Marquette boasts a couple of art shops in the Masonic Square Mall, which is located right in the heart of the downtown area.

The Oasis Gallery boasts contemporary art, while Wolfgang’s Haus of Glass boasts all kinds of handmade stained glass works.

Marquette Historic Buildings

A visit to Marquette wouldn’t be complete without checking out the city’s historic buildings. If you’re a fan of historic buildings, Marquette boasts many of them, which were constructed in early 20th century. Some of the most visually stunning (inside and out) historic buildings in Marquette include:

- St Peter’s Cathedral (pictured), located at 311 W Baraga Avenue.
- Marquette County Savings Bank, located on W Washington St at the corner with N Front St.
- Marquette County Courthouse, located at 234 West Baraga Avenue near St Peter Cathedral.

Marquette Arts & Culture Center

Marquette Arts & Culture Center is, undoubtedly, a top cultural attraction and one of the most popular places to visit in Marquette as it hosts regular events like art exhibitions, small concerts and workshops. You'll also be able to catch theatrical performances such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The Marquette Arts & Culture Center is located in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library.

Charles J. Kershaw/ Queen City Wreck Sites

If you’re a bit of an adventurer, you’ll be glad to know that Marquette’s shoreline and nearby Islands boast many underwater shipwrecks and plane wrecks such as Charles J. Kershaw and Queen City wrecks.

Visiting shipwrecks is definitely one of the fun things to do in Michigan Upper Peninsula, and these two wrecks are also well preserved, which means you’ll still find artifacts such as ceramic cups and silverware still remaining.

To get to these two wreck sites you’ll need a small boat, which you'll be able to launch at the Chocolay Township launch ramp on the Chocolay River.

South Beach Park/ McCarthy’s Cove

South Beach and McCarthy’s Cove are Marquette’s best beach areas, and two of the most popular places to visit in Marquette during the warm months to enjoy a fun time. These two places also boast plenty of amenities such as restrooms, grassy areas, playgrounds and picnic tables.

Ellwood A Mattson Lower Harbor Park

Ellwood A Mattson Lower Harbor Park is another popular park in town and one of the best as it’s located in the downtown area but it overlooks the beautiful Marquette Bay.

Ellwood Harbor Park is another great place to enjoy outdoor recreational activities including boating since the park boasts a boat ramp.

Besides these, Ellwood Harbor Park is also great to visit to attend Marquette's annual events such as the Seafood Festival and Winterfest.

Superior Dome/ Lake View Arena

If you’re a sports fan and want to enjoy more indoor activities, you’ll want to add Superior Dome and Lake View Arena to your list of places to visit in Marquette.

At Superior Dome, you can catch a game of football during football season, while Lakeview Arena boasts a massive ice rink where you can enjoy ice skating and hockey.

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