Best Places To Travel In September

Best Places to vacation in USA
Wondering where to go this September?

If you'd like to getaway this September but aren't sure where to go, we've got some great suggestions on best beaches in September, popular vacation spots in the US, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

See, below for more details on places to go for a vacation in September:

United States

The month of September is the beginning of the fall season and also one of the best times of the year to enjoy an outdoors vacation, particularly on the east coast (see places to visit on the east coast).

Regions such as New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Western US are the most popular areas of the United States this time of the year.

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, or enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and leaf-peeping, you’ll find that New England and northern Midwest states boast some of the best places to see the fall foliage and enjoy a road trip in the US.
Best Places To Travel In September

Some great places where you can enjoy everything from scenic drives, fall foliage tours, and hiking excursions include:

- Mohawk Trail state forest in Massachusetts
- Green Mountain national forest in Vermont
- Acadia National Park in Maine
- White Mountain national forest in New Hampshire
- Chequamegon national forest in Wisconsin
- Huron national forest in Michigan
Places To Travel In September
Best National Parks to visit in US

Besides enjoying outdoor pursuits in a state forest, you could enjoy a cruise vacation, a beach vacation in Florida or explore the stunning coast of California.
Warm Winter Destinations in US
Also, the towns, cities and villages of the northern US regions are some of the best places to travel in September. Some of the most popular cities, villages, and towns to visit include:
Travel In September

- the town of Marquette in Michigan’s upper peninsula
- the lovely Victorian seaport city of Astoria in Oregon.
- the cultural hub that is New York City
- the charming seaside town of Bar Harbor
- the historic town of Bennington
- the lively and stylish city of Oshkosh


If you’d like to getaway to the Caribbean this September, you need to be aware of two things: Hurricane season (which runs between early summer and mid autumn), and that the month of September is the peak for Hurricane storms.
Best Travel In September
most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean
The good news is that Hurricane storms don’t affect all Caribbean islands, so the Caribbean still boasts some of the best places to travel in September (Note. head to Caribbean islands located closest to the coast of Venezuela).
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Top Caribbean islands to getaway to in September include:

- Netherlands Antilles islands
- Grenada
- Aruba
- Island of Curacao
- Trinidad & Tobago


Europe also boasts some of the best places to travel in September, and just like late May and early June, you’ll find cheaper hotel accommodation, fewer crowds and better flight deals when traveling in September.

If you fancy a beach holiday in Europe in September, head to either Malta, the Canary islands, Cyprus, Sassari Sardinia or the Greek island if Crete. You won’t only find fewer holidaymakers but the weather and water temperature are still great for swimming and getting a tan.
To Travel In September

The month of September is also an excellent time of the year to visit and explore the heart of Europe since crowds are fewer and the weather is pleasant, unlike July and August where places such as Venice, Paris, Barcelona and Rome are just to crowed and too hot to really enjoy.
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Some of the best places to travel in September in Europe include:

- Tallinn: boasts one of the most pristine medieval towns in Estonia
- Vienna: is the culture capital of Austria and known for its many coffee houses.
- Budapest: is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city which boasts an amazing cultural scene, which includes museums and theatres.
- Krakow: is an elegant and one of the liveliest towns in Poland
- Brno: is the cultural and shopping hub of Czech Republic
- Andorra: is a beautiful and tax heaven country nestled in the Pyrenees
- Huelva: boasts stunning scenery and lots of historic sites and landmarks.
- Faro: in the Algarve region of Portugal boasts nice beaches and great views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Asia/ Pacific

If you fancy a vacation in en exotic locale where you can explore pristine forests and enjoy fun outdoor activities such as canopy tours and river cruises, look no further than Asia.

You’ll defiantly find some of the best places to travel in September in Asia, and the great thing is that weather is cooler this time of the year, particularly in Southeast Asia.

If you’ve always wanted to explore places in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Hanoi, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand, there is no better time to visit than the month of September.
Best Places To Travel

Other great places you can visit in September in Asia include: Seoul, Hong Kong and Beijing in China, Taipei Taiwan, and Japan.

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