Most famous landmarks in US

Tourist Attractions in the US
On this post we’ll be listing, not only the most recognizable landmarks in US but also the most famous man-made landmarks in the USA.

If you're curious to know about USA's top destinations and natural landmarks,  you can read our top 10 natural wonders and top 25 places in the US articles.

The following list of most famous landmarks in US isn’t a definitive list so, if you feel other landmarks should be worthy of inclusion on the list below, please do email us with your your suggestions!

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign isn’t just one of the most famous landmarks in US, but also one of the most recognizable and iconic signs in the world! The Hollywood Sign is truly one of the top attractions in California with a great story behind it.

For those of you that don’t know, the Hollywood Sign once read Hollywoodland in early 1920’s when it was first erected as an advertisement slogan, though around the early 1950’s the City of Los Angeles acquired the sign and dropped off the ‘land’ part.

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Just like the Hollywood Sign, Las Vegas Welcome Sign is iconic landmark that is recognized around the world. The actual sign reads: “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada
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Las Vegas Welcome Sign was first erected in early 1960’s and it is today one of the top tourist attractions in the US.

Space Needle Tower

The Space Needle Tower is another of the most famous landmarks in US and one of the most recognizable symbols in Washington State.

The Space Needle was built also in early 1960’s in Seattle and stands today at around 600 ft tall.

There are other great observation towers in the US such as the Tower of Americas in San Antonio Texas. However, what makes the Space Needle such a world renowned landmark is its unique spaceship-like design and its amazing panoramic views.

Cape Canaveral Launch Pad/ Space Center

Cape Canaveral Rocket Launch Site is another of the most recognizable landmarks in America, as it’s the site where NASA launches rockets and shuttles into space.

The Cape Canaveral Launch Pad is located along the East Coast of Florida at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which is located east of Kissimmee.
Most famous landmarks in US

Besides the checking out the launch site, there is also the JF Kennedy Space Center, which is just an amazing attraction you can’t miss visiting when in Cape Canaveral.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is another landmark that is instantly recognizable at home and abroad, which isn’t surprising since the Golden Gate Bridge is simply breathtaking sight, especially at night!
famous landmarks in US

It’s not surprise then that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco would rank on our list as one of the most famous landmarks in US as it offers incredible views of the sea and the infamous Alcatraz prison.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Mount Rushmore Memorial located in Keystone South Dakota is one of the most famous and talked about national monuments in the US.

Mt Rushmore monument is a memorial to honor former Presidents of the USA (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson).

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC is bar the White House one of the most recognizable landmarks in the US hand down!

The memorial was built around 1920’s and it stands today as one of the most awe inspiring sights, and most popularly remembered as the sight where Dr. Martin Luther King gave its famous “I have a dream” speech.
landmarks in US

A visit to the Lincoln Memorial is truly an amazing experience, especially at night when the memorial is beautifully lit up.

Empire State Building

Famous landmarks in the United States don’t come as iconic as the Empire State Building in Manhattan Island, which has been forever immortalized as a pop culture icon in movies such as “King Kong” and "Independence Day".
Most famous in US

The Empire State Building is one of the most recognizable buildings in the New York City Skyline and a top attraction as well, as it boasts a great observation deck where you can get impressive views of the City!

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous landmarks in US and recognized across the world as a symbol of freedom.

The Statue of Liberty structure was actually a gift from France to the United States in recognition of the friendship between the two countries.
Most famous landmarks in America

The Statue of Liberty is located in Liberty Island in New York City, and it’s another popular icon instantly recognizable both in the US and internationally.

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