Things to do in Laramie Wyoming

Looking for fun things to do in Laramie Wyoming?

If you’re planning a trip to Laramie in Southern Wyoming, we’ve listed below the top attractions and things to do in and the area around Laramie.

Outdoor Activities

Exploring the great outdoors and enjoying fun activities outdoors are no doubt the most popular things to do in Laramie Wyoming during a vacation here.
Things to do in Laramie Wyoming

Depending what time of the year you visit Laramie, you’ll be able to enjoy things like skiing, hiking, wilderness camping, biking, boating, wildlife spotting and fishing.

Laramie is closely located to the wildlife refuges of Bamforth and Hutton Lake, though Hutton Lake is the closest (40 minutes drive south of Laramie), and the only one open to the public. There, you'll be able to do scenic driving and see cool wildlife such as raptors, prairie dogs and gulls.
Laramie Wyoming

If you’re like to enjoy things like off-highway vehicle riding, boating, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, sightseeing, cabin rental and camping, the Medicine Bow National Forest is just 90 minutes drive west of Laramie.

Medicine Bow National Forest also boasts a ski resort - the Snowy Range ski area - where you’ll be able to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and snowshoe tours.

Water Activities

If you just want to do water based activities, you can visit one of Laramie’s nearby lakes such as Lake Hattie, Meeboer Lake, or Twin Buttes Lake, though Lake Hattie Dam is the largest lake and one the best spots to go to since you can enjoy windsurfing, as well as beach camping.

Besides swimming and water sports, you can also enjoy whitewater rafting trips and kayaking along Laramie River nearby Palmer Canyon section (which is around an hour’s drive north of Laramie).

Scenic Drive to Libby Flats

If you’re driving your own vehicle, or plan on renting a car, another of the popular things to do in Laramie Wyoming is taking a scenic drive from Laramie (along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway) to Libby Flats in the Medicine Bow Forest.

The drive along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway (Highway 130) to Libby Flats is truly one of the best things you can do from Laramie since you’ll be able to make stops along the way to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a picnic.
Things to do in Laramie

Having said this, the highlight of a drive along Snowy Range Scenic Byway is getting to Libby Flats itself where you’ll find a great observation point that allows you to get memorable views of Colorado’s mountains.

Fun In Laramie

If you are wondering about recreational activities you can do within Laramie, Laramie boasts around a dozen of parks such as La Bonte Park which boasts nice playgrounds.

There is also the Ice and Event Center (Laramie Recreation Center) where you can enjoy ice skating, and catch annual events such as the Laramie Curling League in March 13th, and the Youth Basketball Tournament in early April.
Laramie Jubilee Days

Another of the fun things to do in Laramie Wyoming is attending the Laramie Jubilee Days celebration in early July. The Laramie Jubilee Days celebration is easily one of the best times to visit Laramie with the family since you’ll be able to enjoy rodeo and horse shows, street parades, and fun rides.

Places to Visit

-Wyoming Territorial Prison Museum: If you’ve never been to an old state pen, a visit to the Wyoming Territorial Prison is one of the best places to visit in Laramie since you'll get to see the warden’s house, the horse barn, the box car, and the broom factory.
Laramie Old State Pen

Also, visiting the Wyoming Territorial Prison Museum during Halloween season is another great time to visit since the museum also offers ghost tours.

-Laramie Plains Museum: the museum‎ is housed at the historic Ivinson Mansion, and you'll be able to enjoy guided tours of the house and grounds for around $10.

-Wyoming Children's Museum: if you’re traveling with the family, you wouldn’t want to miss passing by this attraction! The children’s museum boasts fun and educational exhibits, as well as nature center which serve as the town’s mini-zoo.

-University of Wyoming: has a few attractions within its campus open to the public, which include an art museum, a herbarium and a geological museum with cool dinosaur and whale exhibits on display.

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