Top Cruise Destinations

Top Places to See on a Mediterranean Cruise
Looking for top cruise destinations in the US and beyond?

If you're wanting to getaway on a cruise, there is no better time than now to plan and find the best deals to book a lovely cruise vacation!

There are many great regions and beautiful cruise destinations to choose from so to give you a little helping hand we're listing three of the best regions to go on a cruise all year long:


The Caribbean is the ‘numero uno’ cruise destination in the world, which isn’t surprising since you get to sail trough stunning ocean scenery and visit some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world!
Places To Go in the Caribbean
Many of the top vacation spots in the Caribbean are popular with couples. Having said this, the Caribbean isn’t just one of the top cruise destinations for romantic couples, but also families and single travelers looking for a relaxing vacation.
Top Cruise Destinations Caribbean
most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean
One of the best Caribbean cruises you can take is a Western Caribbean cruise, which include popular ports of call such as:

-Cozumel, Cancun or Progreso (See places to visit in Yucatan Mexico)
-Havana in Cuba (See top 10 destinations in Cuba)
-Nassau and/or Princess Cays in the Bahamas
-Punta Cana in Dominican Republic
-San Juan Puerto Rico (see places to visit in San Juan Puerto Rico)
-Montego Bay in Jamaica
-Grand Cayman Islands
Top Cruise Destinations Cozumel
Top Destinations in the Bahamas
Another popular Caribbean cruise you can take is a Barbados cruise, which can includes popular ports of call such as:

-The Grenadines
-St. Lucia
-Trinidad and Tobago

Best Time for a Caribbean Cruise

Another reason why the Caribbean is such as a popular vacation spot and one of the top cruise destinations in the world is that you can cruise the Caribbean pretty much anytime of the year.

The best time of the year really depends on when you can travel and your budget, but the winter months are the most popular times for a Caribbean cruise, especially for U.S travellers looking for warm winter destinations.

If you want to find the best cruise deals and prices, book your cruise between the shoulder months of May-June, and August-September.

By the way, cruise companies offering cruises of the Caribbean include Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Cruise Line, Seabourn, P&O Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises.


There are many lovely vacation spots in Europe to choose from, but there is no doubt that the Mediterranean (see best beaches in the Mediterranean) boasts some of the most beautiful destinations to visit on a cruise.
Top Mediterranean Cruise Destinations
Top 5 Cruise Tips
There are literary hundreds of top cruise destinations in Europe that you can choose to visit in your itinerary, though a Western Mediterranean cruise is one of the most popular cruises you can do in Europe.

A typical Western Mediterranean cruise can include popular ports of call such as:

-Barcelona, Cartagena, Marbella and Palma in Spain (see top 10 summer destinations in Spain)
-Cannes and Marseille in the French Riviera
-Venice, Rome and Pisa in Italy
-Athens, Mykonos and Santorini in Greece.
western Mediterranean cruises

There also many top eastern Europe destinations to getaway to for a cheap summer destination in Europe, and many of these destinations you can visit on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise. A typical Eastern Mediterranean cruise can include popular ports of call such as:

-Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey
-Odessa and Yalta in Ukraine
-Alexandra and Port Said in Egypt
-Valletta in Malta (see top places to visit in Malta and Tourist Sites in Malta)

Best Time for a Mediterranean Cruise

Most of the Mediterranean boasts good weather all year long, though if you plan a western Mediterranean cruise, the best time of the year is during the summer months (June-September), which is one of Europe’s busiest seasons.
Destinations Europe

If you’re on a budget, or prefer to avoid the peak season months and still get decent weather, it’s best you book your western Mediterranean cruise between mid August and late September to benefit from the best deals.

Other than that, places like Malta, Egypt, Cyprus, Izmir, Mykonos and Crete are some of the top cruise destinations all year round.

If you’re wondering about cruise lines, cruise companies offering western, eastern and other Mediterranean cruises include P&O Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Island Cruises and Royal Caribbean International.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a close first and second with the Caribbean and the Mediterranean regions in terms of beauty and travel itineraries, though it’s one of the top cruise destinations in the US!

The west coast of the USA offers plenty of cruising opportunities, and two of the best ports of departure are the cities of San Francisco on the California coast and Seattle in Washington State.

From San Francisco and Seattle you can arrange cruises to some of the top cruise destinations in the Pacific Northwest such as Alaska and Hawaii.(see popular vacation spots in Hawaii)
Top Pacific Northwest Cruise Destinations

Alaska is without a doubt, the king destination of the Pacific Northwest for a cruise offering the chance to see stunning scenery, whales and glaciers. Also, the list of shore excursions and activities are countless, and range from excursions into Denali National Park to dog sledding, and heli-skiing.

Best Time to visit Alaska

Alaska cruises aren't quite available all year around, but you'll find many cruise lines offering Alaska cruises between late spring and early fall.
Alaska Cruise Destination

The best time for an Alaska cruise is perhaps during the summer months of July and August when temperatures are at their warmest of the year. Having said this, you’ll find the best cruise deals right at the start and end of Alaska cruise season.

Regarding cruise companies, cruise lines offering cruises of Alaska include Princess Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines.

Final Thoughts...

There is no doubt that an all inclusive vacation in a resort is a great way to spend a fun and hassle-free vacation with family or friends since everything is paid for. However, if you’re looking for a unique vacation experience, nothing really compares to a cruise!

Don’t get me wrong, the all inclusive resort experience is great fun, but on a typical cruise you get to see more destinations and enjoy fun on-shore excursions in different locales each day than you'll ever get to do on a resort!

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