Top Places to go on a Road Trip

Looking for top places to go on a road trip?

The West Coast and East Coast are undoubtedly, two of the most popular road trip destinations in the US, though the good news is that you'll find plenty of road trip opportunities country-wide!

If you're looking for road trip suggestions besides popular road trip destinations such as the Oregon Coast and the California Coast, we have some great suggestions for road trips that are sure to stimulate your driving spirit!

Upstate New York Road Trip

First on our list is upstate New York. Home to the Adirondacks Mountains and stunning scenery, it's not surprising why taking a road trip is one of best things to do in Upstate NY.

If you do fancy taking a road trip through Upstate New York, you’ll be glad to know that there are many scenic routes and byways to choose from such as Route-28 between Warrensburg and Utica.

The drive between Warrensburg and Utica takes you through the heart of Adirondack Park, which is one of the top places to go on a road trip in the country.
Top Places to go on a Road Trip
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The road trip between Warrensburg and Utica along Route-28 is truly one of the best drives in the Adirondacks since this route is less crowded and boasts lots of places that you can stop along the way to enjoy fun activities, and/or spend the night.

Both Indian Lake and Blue Mountain Lake are two such places along Routet-28 where you can spend the night either in a cabin, bed and breakfast, or tent.

Indian Lake and Blue Mountain Lake are also perfect spots to stop by and enjoy fun outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and hiking

If you do plan to drive through Adirondack Park, a road trip here is particularly enjoyable during the warmer months of the year, especially during late September when the displays of the fall color leaves are simply stunning!

Northwest Arkansas Road Trip

The region of Northwest Arkansas is another of the top places to go on a road trip because of the stunning Ozark countryside scenery.

Two of the best scenic routes for a road trip in Northwest Arkansas are Arkansas Highway 12, and Ozark Highlands Highway 21.
Northwest Arkansas Road Trip

Arkansas Highway 12 runs between Rogers and War Eagle, and it’s a lovely scenic route to take for a road trip since it passes through Hobbs State Park and Beaver Lake where you can enjoy fun water sports like water-ski and tubing.

If you have in mind doing backcountry camping and hiking, the Ozark Highlands Highway 21 is a good route for a road trip since it runs through the heart of the Ozark National Forest, between the town of Clarksville and Blue Eye (right by the Arkansas-Missouri border).

Southwest Montana Road Trip

Montana is truly one of the undisputed summer destinations in the US for an outdoors vacation all year long, and there isn’t a better region to explore than the southwest of Montana.

The Southwest of Montana is also one of the top places to go on a road trip in the United States as the area offers stunning pristine forest scenery.
Southwest Montana Road Trip

The section of Montana Interstate 90 between Livingston and Butte is one of the most scenic routes in the region for a road trip as it passes through the majestic Bozeman Pass where the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition past in 1806.

Another good scenic route for a road trip is Montana Highway 1 between the towns of Anaconda and Drummond.

The Anaconda and Drummond drive is another good one since the route passes through old mining towns and recreational areas such as Georgetown Lake where you can enjoy camping, boating and fishing.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Road Trip

We couldn't publish our list of top places to go on a road trip without including the state of Michigan, and in particularly the upper peninsula of Michigan which is simply gorgeous!

Taking a road trip is truly one of the best things to do in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the best way to explore the region’s hidden gems.
Upper Peninsula Road Trip

One of the best scenic routes is Highway 26 between Copper Harbor and Twin Lakes which runs the entire length of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Another popular road trip route is between Octonagon and Wakefield, which takes you past the majestic Porcupine Mountains and its wilderness where you can enjoy lots of backcountry activites.

If you’re planning to do the Octonagon-Wakefield drive, it’s worth taking the detour to Lake of the Clouds lookout point first, as the lookout offers truly memorable views of Lake Superior and Porcupine’s wilderness!

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