Best Beaches to Visit in Hawaii

Planning a vacation to Hawaii this year?

If you’re looking to getaway to Hawaii and are wondering where to go for a beach vacation, we have got for you a nice selection of best beaches to visit in Hawaii for surfing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Bellows Beach, Oahu

Bellows Beach is located in Bellows Field Beach Park on the eastern shore of Oahu Island, and it’s one of the best beaches to visit in Hawaii for boogie boarding and surfing.
Best Beaches to Visit in Hawaii
Bellows Beach boast nice swells ideal for inexperienced boarders so it's definitely a nice spot to learn the craft  and the best thing is that few crowds come here, so it’s an excellent spot for practicing boogie boarding and surfing.
Bellows Beach in Hawaii

Another great thing about Bellows Beach is that you can also do tent camping on the beach for about $10 a night, so it's one of the cheapest spots for beach camping in Hawaii.

Barbers Point Beach, Oahu

Barbers Point Beach is without a doubt, one of the best beaches to visit in Hawaii for surfing as conditions here are fairly consistent throughout the day.
Barbers Point in Hawaii

Barbers Point Beach is located near Kalaeloa Airport on Oahu’s western shore, and it’s only 30 minutes drive from Honolulu which is another plus.

If you’re an expert surfer looking for quite surfing spots on the island, Barbers Point Beach is definitely one of best surfing spots in Oahu.

Big Beach, Maui

Big Beach (known also as Makena Beach) is located in Makena State Park on the southwestern shore of Maui, and it's one of the best beaches to visit in Hawaii for swimming.
Big Beach in Hawaii
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Big Beach is just a mile long but really wide that you won't have problems finding a perfect spot for sunbathing  and spreading your stuff around.

Big Beach also boasts pretty decent swells so if you’re into boogie boarding or surfing, you’ll no doubt have a great time on Big Beach.

Nanakuli Beach Park, Oahu

Nanakuli Beach Park is no doubt, one of the best beaches to visit in Hawaii all year round, especially during the winter months when Nanakuli Beach Park becomes Hawaii's hot-spot for surfing.
Nanakuli Beach in Hawaii

The waves at Nanakuli Beach Park are truly awesome so if you're planning a surfing vacation for the winter, be sure to head to Nanakuli.

If you plan to visit in the summer, the waves aren't as great for surfing, though if you're traveling with little kids you will definitely find Nanakuli Beach a great spot for swimming.

Black Pot Beach, Kauai

Black Pot Beach is undoubtedly, one of the best beaches to visit in Hawaii to soak in nature and admire pristine surroundings.

Black Pot Beach is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii simply because the amazing mountain scenery surrounding it.
Black Pot Beach in Hawaii

Black Pot Beach also boasts calm waters and the lovely Hanalei Pier which is a hit with little kids who love jumping off the pier!

Kealia Beach, Kauai

Kealia Beach is also located on Kauai on the eastern shore of the island, and it’s one of the best beaches to visit in Hawaii for serious surfers or boogie boarders.

Kealia Beach boats strong waves indeed so, it isn't really the most ideal spot for swimming or snorkeling. If you love to snorkel, dive or swim in Kauai, it’s best to head to either Ke'e Beach and Tunnels Beach on Kauai’s northern shore, or Donkey Beach which is just a little further north from Kealia Beach.
Kealia Beach in Hawaii

By the way, Ke’e Beach is particular great to visit as it boasts a magnificent botanical garden nearby (Limahuli Garden and Preserve) which overlooks the ocean, don’t miss it!

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