Vacation Spots in New Jersey Shore

New Jersey Shore is undoubtedly, one of the most popular summer destinations in the US to enjoy a vacation, and with miles of pristine shoreline and gorgeous scenery you won’t be hard pressed to find an ideal beach vacation spot!

Below we have listed some of the best vacation spots in NJ Shore where you can enjoy an exciting vacation or a relaxing one:

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is without question, one of the best vacation spots in New Jersey Shore where you can enjoy a fun and exciting vacation with family or friends.

Atlantic City is the second most popular city, after Las Vegas Nevada, to enjoy an adult vacation as the city boasts many adult entertainment clubs and hotel casinos where you can enjoy gaming, live entertainment and spa treatments.
Vacation Spots in New Jersey Shore
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Having said this, Atlantic City isn’t just topless bars and slot machines! There is a ton of things to see and do for families such as visiting the Boardwalk which is one of the top places to visit on the East Coast.

There is no doubt that visiting Atlantic City’s Boardwalk is one of the fun things to do in New Jersey. The Boardwalk boasts the cool Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, and the Steel Pier which is one of the best places to take the kids out in Atlantic City for a day of fun.

Besides visiting the Boardwalk, you’ll be able to book sightseeing cruises, and visit the Atlantic City Aquarium (see top ten aquariums in the US), which is located in the historic district of Gardener’s Basin.

Cape May

Cape May is one of the best family vacation spots in New Jersey Shore and one of the quaintest destinations in New Jersey hands down! (see places to visit in Cape May)

Besides boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the US, Cape May boasts a charming historic district filled with stunning Victorian homes.
Cape May in New Jersey Shore
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In fact, if you’re interested in the Victorian era, you’ll love spending time in Cape May taking a stroll in one of the horse-drawn carriages.

Be sure to also visit Cape May during Victorian Week (early October) to get a true feel of life and fashion during Victorian times!

By the way, Cape May is juts a short ferry ride from the popular beach resort of Lewes Beach and Rehoboth Beach in the state of Delaware.

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is located on the northern end of Jersey Shore overlooking New York’s Lower Bay.

Sandy Hook is one of the best vacation spots in New Jersey Shore for two reasons. First, Sandy Hook boasts nude beaches (Gunnison Beach) and lovely bay beaches where you can enjoy kite surfing and surf fishing.
Sandy Hook in New Jersey Shore

Second, Sandy Hook is home to an old military installation where you can explore the abandoned gun platforms.

Another great thing about a vacation in Sandy Hook, it’s that for around $40 you can hop on a catamaran and be in New York City in no time! (see top 10 things to do in NYC)

Long Branch

Long Branch is another of the liveliest vacation spots in New Jersey Shore where you can enjoy not only great entertainment, but also a ton of fun activities like boating and surfing.

In fact, if you're looking to take up surfing lessons, swim and getting a tan, Long Branch is the spot for you!

Entertainment-wise, Long Branch boasts upscale restaurants and nightclubs, as well as the annual summer concert series which is held on Long Beach’s boardwalk.

Seaside Park

Seaside Park is without a doubt, one of the most popular vacation spots in New Jersey Shore for a romantic weekend getaway, or a quite vacation retreat, which isn’t surprising why Seaside Park is one of the best family vacation spots in the US.
Seaside Park in New Jersey Shore

Seaside Park truly boasts beautiful white sandy beaches and a lovely boardwalk with cool arcade games and attractions, though these aren’t the only attractions in Seaside Park!

You can enjoy surfing, pier fishing, boating and surf fishing in nearby Island Beach State Park where you’ll also be able to find plenty of bird-spotting opportunities.

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