Best Places in Europe to go Camping

Planning a camping holiday in Europe?

If you’re wondering where to go camping in Europe this year, we have for you two of the best places in Europe to go camping, along with a selection of campgrounds ideal for tenting and auto camping:


Finland has to be one of the best places in Europe to go camping for an outdoors experience as you won’t find more pristine forests anywhere in the continent than in Finland. There are hundreds of campsites throughout Finland though Koli National Park is without a doubt, one of the most pristine places to camp in Finland.
Best Places in Europe to go Camping
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Koli National Park is about 2 hours drive from Kuopio and it offers many opportunities for wildlife viewing and recreational pursuits such as hiking along hilltops and canoeing on the lake. As far as camping, you can set your tent for free anywhere in the Koli NP, though there is also hotel (Sokos Hotel Koli) in the park as well as plenty of cabin rentals (see. Interesting places to visit in Finland).
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A few other camping spots in Finland worth mentioning include:

-Yyteri Camping Grounds: is located about 20 minutes drive from the city of Pori and it’s located right by the beach overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Bothnia.

- Top Camping Tykkimäki: is located in the outskirts of Kouvola and around 90 minutes drive north of Helsinki (see top 10 attractions in Helsinki). Top Camping Tykkimäki is definitely one of the most popular campsites in Finland not only because of its close distance to the capital city, but also because it’s located next door to the Tykkimäki amusement park.


Croatia is another of the best places in Europe to go camping as Croatia boasts beautiful scenery and lovely beaches. Camping in Croatia is popular country-wide, though you’ll find that the Dalmatian Coast and the Croatia islands are some of the most popular places to camp in Croatia because of the gorgeous Adriatic Sea.
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The Island of Hvar boasts many campsites near the sea such as Camp Mina, which is located nearby the town of Jelsa and just a few yards away from the beach; and Camping Vira, which is located in a cove which is about 15 minutes drive from the town of Hvar. Camping Vira is definitely one of the most popular auto camping spots in Hvar Island as it boasts lots of amenities such as a diving school, supermarket and kids’ playgrounds.
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As far as camping in the Croatian coast, Dubrovnik and the peninsula of Pelješac are tow of the best places to camp in the Dalmatian Coast. If you want to camp in Dubrovnik, you’ll find that the nearest campsite in Dubrovnik is Camping Solitudo (it's a camp-resort), which it’s located 10 minutes drive by bus from Dubrovnik Old Town.

If large camp-resorts aren’t your thing and prefer somewhere more basic and less crowded, then the second nearest campsite from Dubrovnik is Camp Monika, which is a small auto camp with basic amenities such as laundry, toilet, drinking water, etc; but with great access to the beach.
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The beaches along the peninsula of Pelješac are popular camping spots amongst windsports enthusiasts and caravan trailers. Some of the best campsites on the peninsula of Pelješac include:

-Camp Dalmata: is located near Orebic and offers basic amenities with space for 70 campers and space for both cars and caravans.

-Camp Maestral: is located in Viganj just yards from the beach, and offers space for over 90 campers.

-Campsite Palme Kuciste: is located about 15 minutes drive from Orebic, and offers space for over 100 campers.

-Antony Boy Camp is one of the largest and most modern auto camps (over 150 campsites) in the peninsula of Pelješac.

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