Best Things to do in Michigan

Wondering what to do in Michigan?

Here it's a list of fun things to do in Michigan, and other things you can do in Michigan off the beaten path:

Geocaching in Michigan

If you love treasure hunting you’ll love geocaching in Michigan’s recreation areas. Geocaching is definitely one of the best things to do in Michigan off the beaten path, and one of the most popular family activities during the summer months.
Best Things to do in Michigan

If you’re interesting in geocaching with family or friends, you can get more information and details from the Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO).

Exploring Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Taking a trip to the Upper Peninsula is without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Michigan as it’s a stunning region with many opportunities for scenic drives such as Brockway Mountain Drive in the Keweenaw Peninsula.
Things to do in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
The Brockway Mountain Drive is truly one of the most spectacular drives you can do in the state as you get to drive along the ridge of the Brockway Mountain where you can stop and enjoy stunning views of Lake Superior.

You can also take a drive along the shores of Lake Superior on the Circle Tour to enjoy breathtaking views of waterfalls such as Kakabeka Falls, which is as stunning as the Niagara Falls.

Another reason why taking a trip to Lake Superior Circle Tour is one of the best things to do in Michigan is because you’ll be able to enjoy a ton of activities and outdoor pursuits such as swimming, kayaking, taking tours of the lighthouses, hiking and camping.

Besides exploring the outdoors, another of the best things to do in Michigan Upper Peninsula is visiting historic places such as Mackinac Island. Interesting sites in Mackinac Island include the Grand Hotel (built in 1890), and Fort Mackinac (built in 1790).

Riding a Miniature Railroad

Riding a miniature railroad is another of the best things to do in Michigan off the beaten path, and they're really a fun way to spend the day with friends and family without spending wads of money.

There are a handful of mini-railroads you can visit in Michigan such as the Junction Valley Railroad which a lovely 4-mile JV Railroad ¼ scale railroad which is one of the largest in the world.

Michigan Au Sable Valley Railroad is another great railroad you can visit near the town of Cadillac for a fun day out. The Michigan Au Sable Valley Railroad is a 17” gauge railroad with a 2-mile long line, which runs through the lovely Manistee national forest.

Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking and Canoeing are two of the most popular summer pursuits in Michigan, and they're definitely one of the best things to do in Michigan during the summer...especially while drinking beer.
Places to go in Michigan in the summer
Some of the most popular spots for kayaking downrivers in Michigan are in the Muskegon-Holland-Grand Rapids area because of the their proximity to kayaking rental shops . Having said this, if you prefer a more pristine scenery the Upper Peninsula is home to great kayaking and canoeing spots such as the Fox River and Seney National Wildlife Refuge.

Seney Refuge is without a doubt one of the most popular spots for easy paddling, and the best thing is that you get the opportunity to enjoy wildlife excursions as well. Another great thing about Seney Refuge is that it is located near the Big Cedar Campground,which offers canoe rental.

The Fox Rivers is another popular spot for taking a kayaking, canoeing and fishing trip as the river offers many opportunities for fishing pike, walleye and bass. There are also a couple of campgrounds along the banks of the Fox River (Seney Town Campground and Fox River Campground) where you’ll be able to launch your boat and spend the night.

Attending Michigan Events

Attending events in Michigan is definitely one of the best things to do in Michigan and you’ll be glad to know that the state boasts dozens of fairs, art and craft shows, summer concerts, festivals, and other kid-friendly events all year-round. Some of the top 10 events to attend in Michigan are:

Best Things to do in Detroit

1. Detroit International Jazz Festival (Detroit) in September
2. North American Snow Festival (Cadillac) in February
3. Ann Arbor Art Fair (Ann Arbor) in August
4. Blossomtime Festival (Benton Harbor / St. Joseph) in May
5. Bavarian Festival (Frankenmuth) in June
6. Great Lakes Folk Festival (East Lansing) in august
7. Tip-Up-Town USA (Houghton Lake) in January
8. Michigan Renaissance Festival (Holly Twp) in August-October
9. Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor) in March
10. Venetian Festival (St. Joseph) in July

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