Beautiful American Lakes

Beautiful American Lakes
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Planning a lake vacation in America?

Below we have compiled a list of what we think are the prettiest lakes in America to enjoy a lake vacation with family and friends.

Mind you, there are literary hundreds of gorgeous lakes in America to choose from though most people would agree that the following lakes are simply spectacular and plain beautiful!

Moosehead Lake, Maine

First on our list of beautiful American lakes is Moosehead Lake in Maine, which is truly one of the most breathtaking and scenic lakes in the United States, and one of the nicest places you could for a lake vacation without the crowds.
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Moosehead Lake and the area around it offer plenty of opportunities for fun activities like fishing, backcountry camping, and guided moose safaris, which you can book with companies like Northwoods Outfitters in Greenville and Birches Resort in Rockwood.

Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma

Broken Bow Lake is surrounded by lush forest and pristine mountain scenery, and just the picture alone tells you why Broken Bow Lake is one of the most beautiful American lakes.
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Broken Bow Lake is also one of the top family vacation destinations in the US for enjoying fun activities like boasting, picnicking, diving and hiking. There are also a two state parks located nearby like the popular Beavers Bend Resort Park where you’ll be able to enjoy even more fun activities like horseback riding, golfing, tennis, and kids bumper boat rides.

Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis

Lake Calhoun is not only one of the largest lakes in Minnesota but also one of the most beautiful American lakes you can go to in the Midwest to cool off on a hot summer’s day. You can enjoy everything from fishing and windsurfing in the summer to ice skating and ice fishing in winter.
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There are also lots you can do in Lake Calhoun like taking cycling tours and walking trips along the miles of paved trails along the lake.

Lake Louise, Alberta
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Lake Louise in Alberta Canada has to be one of the most beautiful American lakes that you would ever set your eyes on! Lake Louise boasts truly stunning emerald waters that you can beautifully view from the top of The Beehive Mountain. If you're looking for a stunning outdoor location it would be safe to say that Lake Louise is one of the best spots in America for outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking, rock climbing, ice fishing, and alpine skiing.

West Okoboji Lake, Dickinson County
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West Okoboji Lake is located in northern Iowa and it’s one of the most beautiful American lakes you can go to enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway. West Okoboji Lake is also the only blue water lake in the US and one of the most popular spots in the region to enjoy water sports such as sailing, diving, and water skiing, as well as sport fishing.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is without a doubt one of the most beautiful American lakes as it borders the shores of four US states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan) and Ontario Canada.
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Lake Erie is another popular destination for a nice relaxing vacation as it boasts many beautiful beaches such as the beaches in Kelleys Island. Lake Erie is also a very popular spot for sport fishing throughout the warmer days of the year, and ice fishing during the winter months, as well as shipwreck diving. In fact, Lake Erie is one of the best spots in the USA for diving for shipwrecks like warships, cargo steamships, and other smaller vessels.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is without question one of the most beautiful American lakes in the continent and also one of the largest. Lake Superior boasts a huge variety of species of fish, thousands of shipwrecks, stunning island parks such as Isle Royale National Park where you can enjoy some of best views of Lake Superior ever!

Lake Superior is another stunning lake that borders Canada and United States, in this case Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario.

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