Tourist Places in England

Wondering what to see in England?

Tourist Places in England

London is no doubt the most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom, though there is more to England than Buckingham Palace and Big Ben!

Below, I have compiled a mini-list of the best museums, historic landmarks and other tourist sights worth seeing in England such as the Olympic stadium in London (see information about London 2012 Olympics), along with my top pick attraction in London:

British Museum, City of London

The British Museum in London is without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist places to visit in England and one of the top attractions to visit in Europe. The British Museum is a huge place where you can easily spend 2-3 hours viewing interesting world artifacts such as Greek vases, Egyptian mummies, Anglo-Saxon gold buckles and much more.

Things to See in the South East of England
The British Museum also offers cool activities for children, guided tours and free handling sessions where you get to hold objects from the museum’s collection. Also, you won’t have to pay a penny to get to see most of what the British Museum has on offer, which is one of the reasons it's my top pick attraction in London!

York Minster, North Yorkshire

The York Minster is another of the popular tourist places in England and one of the most beautiful medieval cathedrals you can visit in the UK.

York Minster is located in Deangate in York, and it's a visually stunning church with gorgeous stained-glass windows and interesting objects on display. When visiting the church, be sure to visit York Minster’s underground chamber and the tower to enjoy fantastic views of York.

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is easily one of the most underrated museums in England and definitely worth adding to the list of tourist places in England. The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is located in Vyse Street in Birmingham and it’s housed in one of the oldest jewelry factories in Britain.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll find that the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is a great place to learn about Britain’s Jewellery industry during the 1800’s, as well as seeing the original tools and machinery that workers used back then. During the visit you can also get to see a live demonstration of how a snake bracelet is made.

The Beatles Story, Merseyside

The Beatles Story exhibition is located in Liverpool and it’s one of the most enjoyable tourist places in England to visit. The Beatles Story boasts plenty of Beatles memorabilia on display (including wax statues of the fab4) and it’s definitely a popular place among the Beatles die-hard fans.

If you aren't a Beatles fan but are interested to know about England's music scene during the 60’s and 70’s you’ll enjoy learning about one of the most iconic English bands that the world has ever seen!

Roman Baths, Avon

The Roman Baths are without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist spots in Bath and one of the top tourist places in England. If you’re interested in everything Roman, you’ll find a visit to the Roman Baths in Bath a fascinating experience.

You get to tour the entire complex including walking down to the actual baths, which are in good condition. There are free audio tours and guided tours on offer if you want learn about the construction of the baths and its peculiar drainage system.

Brunel's ss Great Britain, Bristol

The Brunel's ss Great Britain is along the Cutty Sark in London two of the best ship museums you can visit in the country. Sadly, the Cutty Sark burnt badly in 2007 and it’s undergoing a restoration so, the ship is expected to reopen sometime in 2012.

The Brunel's ss Great Britain is definitely worth the visit to Bristol to see this stunning Victorian vessel up-close and its beautiful collection of paintings and ceramics on display. You also get to visit the engine room and the dry dock.

Royal Pavilion, East Sussex

The Royal Pavilion is located in Brighton and it’s another fascinating place worth adding to the list of tourist places in England as you won't find another landmark quite like this one in the United Kingdom. the Royal Pavilion was built in the Indo-Saracenic style so, it somewhat resembles India’s Taj Mahal only with more domes.
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The Royal Pavilion is a true architectural wonder with a grand exterior and lavish rooms and a splendid center-piece chandelier that will simply take your breath away!

Paultons Family Theme Park, Romsey

England boasts its fare share of amusement parks, though none are more brilliant and outstanding than Paultons Family Theme Park in Southampton. If you’re looking for fun tourist places in England to visit with kids, you won’t find a more enjoyable amusement park to go to than Paultons Park.
Paultons Family Theme Park boats easy going coasters for young and old, but the best bit about the park has to be Peppa Pig World, which is a cool children’s play area with all kinds of fun rides.

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