Most Beautiful Places in Vermont

The Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom (NEK) is without question one of the most beautiful places in Vermont and one of the few areas left in Vermont that hasn’t succumbed to heavy tourism.
Most Beautiful Places in Vermont
Tourist Attractions in Northeast USA
The Northeast Kingdom boasts gorgeous lakes, stunning mountains, beautiful covered bridges, charming little towns and scenic routes that offer majestic mountain views. If you do plan to visit the NE Kingdom, you won’t find a better time to explore the Northeast Kingdom than during the fall foliage (late September and early October).

Champlain Lake Valley

Champlain Lake Valley is another beautiful part of Vermont and it's a popular destination for recreational summer activities. Champlain Lake Valley is indeed one of the most beautiful places in Vermont as the region is home to Lake Champlain, which boasts stunning crystal clear waters.
Things to do in Burlington Vermont
The Grand Isle and city of Burlington are located right by Lake Champlain offering beautiful sunsets and spectacular views in the distance of the Green Mountains and Adirondack Mountains in New York State.

Mad River Valley

Mad River Valley is not only one of the most beautiful places in Vermont but also one of the best places to go in Vermont to enjoy a fun vacation anytime of the year. During the warmer months of the year you can do canoeing, biking and hiking; while in winter you can get up to skiing and cross-country skiing.
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The Mad River Valley offers fantastic views all through the year that are best enjoyed on scenic drives along backroads (like Mad River Byway), which offer lovely views of covered bridges, waterfalls and dairy farms along the way.

Camels Hump, Huntington

Camels Hump is one of the most iconic natural landmarks in the state of Vermont and one of the tallest peaks in the New England Region. Camel Hump is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Vermont and its summit offers glorious views of the rolling forest hills beneath.
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If you’re planning to hike Camels Hump, be sure to climb the summit along Monroe Trail, and take the descend down Alpine Trail to check out the wing wreckage of a B2-J WWII bomber.

Rocky Dale Rapids, Bristol

The rapids near Rocky Dale are easily one of the most beautiful places in Vermont to take in gorgeous scenery and enjoy a nice day out with the family. Rocky Dale Rapids are surrounded by pristine pine scenery and offers a nice opportunity for easy day walks and picnicking right by the rapids.

By the way, Rocky Dale rapids are locally known as Rocky Dale Falls and are located just above the Route 116 Bridge toward Lincoln Gap Road.

The Ledges, Windham County

The Ledges is located in southern Vermont and it’s another of the most beautiful places in Vermont. The Ledges is small area located along the recreational shoreline of Harriman Reservoir, which is surrounded by pristine woody forests.
Popular Summer Activities in Vermont
The Ledges is also known for its rocky rugged terrain trails ideal for adventurous hiking, as well as for nudism since many folks come here to bare it all out! In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the Ledges is the most popular nudist destinations in the northeastern seaboard drawing thousands of tourists every year from Europe.


Bennington is another pretty spot in southern Vermont worthy of inclusion on our list of most beautiful places in Vermont. Bennington is nestled among the gorgeous Green Mountain National Forest and boasts some of the most charming and beautiful streets in the region.
Things to do in Bennington Vermont
You can enjoy driving and walking tours of historic sites of the area such as the Bennington Battle Monument, as well as taking scenic drives along the back roads of Bennington County for some fabulous country views and covered bridges!

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