Annoying things about Plane Passengers

Are you "that" plane passenger from hell?
Annoying things about Plane Passengers

Passengers who disregard other passengers are truly "those passengers from hell” who happen to be a pain on the backside at the security line and cause all kinds of theater on the plane. This post isn't an attack on airline passengers but quite the opposite. I am merely highlighting some of the things most passengers (including myself) really find annoying about other passengers:

1) Congregating at the belt

Waiting to claim our bags is easily one of the most irritating experiences we have to go through the minute we land at the airport. It’s true that passengers have no choice but to stand at the conveyor belt right in front of each other, but if everyone would only step up to the belt when their baggage approached it would make a world of difference.

2) Appropriating the Overhead

If passengers juggling too moo carry-on down the aisle of the plane wasn't bad enough, having to fight for overhead storage is simply ridiculous. Selfish passengers taking-up the entire overhead bin space is definitely one of the most annoying things about plane passengers. It’s true that overhead bin storage isn’t reserved to anyone but wouldn't be kinder to other passengers if you only took once piece of carry-on?

3) Unprepared passengers

There is no doubt that going through the TSA security checks is a very stressful experience but do some plane passengers have to make it more difficult for themselves?

I don’t agree with full body scanners and patting down kids but airport passengers who aren’t prepared and think that rules don’t apply to them are really annoying. We should all know by now that there is a limit for liquids and also that TSA officers won’t let you through if you set off the alarm. also, anyone who don't listen to the TSA officer reminding you to remove shoes and taking metal objects from pockets before arriving at the checkpoint is playing silly!

4) Out of control kids

There is surely no more irritating thing in the world of air travel than plane passengers who cannot control their kids. Imagine being on a long haul flight sitting in front of an unruly kid who likes nothing better than screaming their lungs out, kicking your seat, or pretending to be a plane.

5) Out of control adults

Kids who are out of control on planes is one thing, but adults who behave like kids, get drunk and become aggressive is another. If you’ve ever had the unpleasant and irritating experience of being a flight with loud passengers such as rowdy sport fans, you’ll know what I am talking about. Don’t mean to poke at all sport fans but the truth is that most big groups tend to become “unmanageable” to say the least.

Then, you have of course, the random passenger who is having too much to drink and becomes violent when the flight attendant refuses to serve him more booze.

6) Lounging passengers

One of the most annoying things about plane passengers are those passengers who recline their seat all the way back the entire flight. Saying this, you can’t really blame all on passengers for the “reclining seat” issue since airlines should have made more room between seats, or at least they should have stopped seats from reclining all the way back. Of course, airlines are more interested in cramming passengers into planes than a comfortable passenger.

7) Chatty Characters

If you’ve never travel on a plane by yourself and are a talkative person, you may find impossible to resist the urge of chatting up other passengers. However, the most annoying thing you can do on a plane is to become “that annoying chatty guy” who never stops yapping.

It’s funny to see this happening on the plane when you can totally tell how annoyed the other passenger is getting. Don't you find strange though how lady luck seems to always like paring-up "quiet" passengers with chatty ones?

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