Fun places to go in Australia for young and old

During my travels around Australia I got a nice opportunity to do lots fun activities such as diving tour of the Great Barrier Reef and visit cool places such as the Red Centre to see the spectacular Ayers Rock.
Fun places to go in Australia

As far as fun places to go in Australia, there are so many I could literary mention, but for the sake of this post I will list the places I would definitely recommend visiting in Australia. There are as follows:

Caversham Wildlife Park

If you’re traveling with small kids, you will love passing by the Caversham Wildlife Park in the city of Perth. Caversham Wildlife Park is one cool place to go for a fun day out with the family since the little ones will get to be up-close to wildlife in a safe environment.

You’ll have a blast feeding the kangaroos, patting the cute baby wombats, and enjoying a picnic at the park. Caversham Wildlife Park also boasts a farm show and a nice little village area where you can enjoy fun activities such as handcrafts, and taking rides on the train and vintage bus.

Alice Springs Desert Park

The city of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory is home to a cool nature park called Alice Springs Desert Park. If you happen to visit Alice Springs you simply cannot miss this place since it’s a fun place to learn about Australia’s desert plants and aborigine people.

The park also features fun activities, guided walks and it even has cool a nocturnal house where you can see the cute bilbys.


Questacon is another cool family attraction that I would add to the list of fun places to go in Australia. Questacon is billed as Australia’s National Science and Technology centre, and you can definitely tell it is a very popular family attraction in Canberra by just seeing the smiles in kid's faces.

Questacon reminds me a lot to the COSI science centre in Columbus Ohio because of the many hands-on exhibits, and fun areas for kids. There is also a cool experimentation lab where you can try a hand at being a scientist, which is quite neat.

Luna Park

The capital of Australia is certainly one of the best places to go in Australia for a fun vacation because of the variety of attractions and things you can do. One of the most enjoyable places you can go to in Sydney is Luna Park, which is one of the coolest amusement parks in Australia.

Luna Park is definitely one of the fun places to go in Australia for young and old because of the variety of rides. Also, since there isn’t an admission price you only pay for the rides and attractions you want to do such as Coney Island, which is a cool funhouse with vintage arcade games, rotating barrels and moving walking platforms.

Riverlife Adventure Centre

The Riverlife Adventure Centre is another highlight attraction in Australia located in Brisbane. The beauty about this place is that you can do lots of fun outdoor activities like climbing and kayaking all in once place without having to go too far. You can hire bikes and canoes, and climbing is particularly cool because you don’t have to be a pro since the centre has instructors at hand.

Riverlife Adventure Centre even offers an aboriginal experience where you get a chance to meet and interact with the local aboriginal tribe, which is okay if you’ve never seen a native tribe before.


The north coast of Queensland is not surprisingly one of my favorite destinations in Australia since it’s in Cairns where I got to book a tour of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. A boat trip to the Great Barrier Reef was definitely the highlight of a visit to Cairns, though there is another fun place in Cairns that you can miss passing by.

This place is called Skyrail, which is a cool cableway with gondola-type cabins that runs above the forest from the city of Cairns to the village of Kuranda (spanning 4 miles). The experience of gliding above the forest was second to none, and even better was being able to stop-off midway for a fun walk through the forest.

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