Annoying Things Riders do in the Terrain Park

Thought you were a complete rider? Think again!

When it comes to manners it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie skier or experienced boarder who’s being riding for years. The bottom line is if you don’t respect other riders in the terrain park you aren’t a complete rider. The following is a list of things most people don't like about riders in the terrain park:


Tailgating is another term that skiers and boarders have coined at the terrain park to describe someone riding behind another rider. Experienced riders are the worse offenders when it comes to tailgating in the terrain park, though if you are a novice rider you may feel the need to closely follow your buddy.
Annoying Things Riders do in the Terrain Park

Whatever people say tailgating strangers isn’t only annoying but also dangerous because riders can lose their balance and fall down.

Fooling around

One of the most important things to know before riding in a terrain park is safety. Fooling around in the terrain park because you have nothing better to do may seem fun at the time but serious riders most certainly won’t appreciate it.

Fooling around is particularly dangerous in the halfpipe and landing areas, though not so much in the flats of the terrain park.
check out the boarder on the video crash- landing right on top of the girl and you’ll understand how serious it can be not paying attention. Of course, falling down is something you can’t avoid but if you do fall down make sure you quickly get up or move out of the way. Crawl out of the way as quickly as you can, or scream your lungs out to warn others if you can’t move.


Show-offs belong in competitions! If you are a pro rider at the terrain park, you are ought to be respectful of others and remember that you used to be a noob. It's fine to show-off your skills with people but have some class when doing it.

Don’t try to be “Billy badass” at the terrain park because you have better skills than others and feel like snaking through people and cutting people off just because you've been talking to the camera crew.


If there is one thing that skiers and riders get really annoyed with it's gapers. Gapers are "clueless riders" who are simply unaware of their surroundings and what it's going on in the park.

You’ll see many riders at the terrain park who are so immersed in the experience that they won’t get out of the way when someone is calling their attention. Wherever you are in the terrain park, keep-up your peripheral view at all times, be sure to communicate with other riders, and watch out for riders performing jumps and tricks.

Being Arrogant

One of the most annoying things riders do in the terrain park is being arrogant. A lot of people mistake arrogance with confidence and it’s not always the case. You’ll find many noobs at the terrain park who can’t confidently ride in a black diamond terrain park but will try to attempt tricks on the rails and boxes. Even if you have skills and fairly confident, don't let it get to your head.

Many pro-skiers, boarders and people in general don't like that kind of attitude. You won’t learn anything at the terrain park and you won't improve your skills if you are arrogant because none will want to teach you. Therefore,  make sure you leave the attitude and the "wings" at home before heading to the terrain park.

Cutting the line

Whether it’s at a theme park or at the supermarket, cutting in front of the line is one of the most irritating things people you can do. It’s true that some ski tows at terrain parks are really slow but that’s not an excuse to jump the handle tow line when everyone is waiting patiently in line.

Heckling the crowds

Heckling people in the terrain park is truly one of the most annoying things riders do in the terrain park. Everyone hates a bully and harassing riders (particularly noobs) at the terrain park won’t win you any friends with the park crew. Of course, not all riders heckle but you'll see groups of people and individuals heckling people down the park thinking that they’re cool.

Terrain parks are there for people to improve their skills and not a place for disrespectful people to break the confidence of insecure riders.

Final Thoughts

You would agree that most of the stuff listed above is pretty basic and is common sense. You may not think much of it but skiing and snowboarding in a terrain park without knowing this (or the basic rules) is like driving on the road without knowing the road signs.

You won’t only be a danger to yourself and others but you’ll also annoy many people in the process. Of course, there'll always be those people who would argue that it’s not always possible or practical to adhere to an etiquette at the terrain park during busy times. While this may be true, there is certainly no need to be a moron, isn't there?