Useful Travel Apps to have on a Smartphone

What are the must have travel apps for smartphones?

The travel app market for smartphones is certainly booming and with so many smartphone travel apps (travel applications) to choose from you almost feel spoiled for choice!
Useful Travel Apps to have on a Smartphone

Figuring out the most useful travel apps to have on a smartphone isn't always easy, though a good way to tell whether a smartphone travel app is worth downloading or not is by checking its functionality. A travel app that is fast, useful and easy to use is a positive indicator since the last thing you need while traveling is a travel app for your smartphone that takes a long time to load and it’s difficult to navigate.

The smartphone travel app market has a variety of fun and must-have apps for travelers to download on their smartphone. Here it’s a list of some of the best smartphone travel apps worth downloading:

Travel Guide apps

A travel guide app is without a doubt, one of the most useful travel apps to have on a smartphone. Online travel guides such as Lonely Planet and Frommer’s have some of the most popular travel guide apps out in the market, but one of their biggest drawback is that you can only view them while your online. Therefore, this makes them expensive and unpractical in places where internet isn’t readily available.

That’s why the best travel guide apps in the market are the ones that can be downloaded and used off-line. Wikitravel, OxygenGuide, and iTravelFree are a few examples of free travel guide apps that allow you to do just that.

Appbox Pro

Appbox Pro is available for Android and iPhone and it’s both a useful and fun travel app to have on a smartphone because it has cool features that you can use on your travel such as a currency converter, tip calculator, flashlight and a translator.

Appbox Pro app consists actually of a dozen or so single apps in just one app, which makes Appbox Pro a handy smartphone app to have overall. Appbox Pro is priced between $1.99 and $2.99, but if you only want the all important travel features like the currency converter and translator you can download it's free version called “Appbox Lite”.

All Subway app

The All Subway app is another popular travel app and one very useful travel app that you’ll want to have on your smartphone when traveling to a city. All Subway app features hundreds of maps of subways from cities around the world such as NYC, Barcelona, Zurich, etc.

All Subway app is handy and it’s one of those travel apps worth downloading on your smartphone since navigating on the subways of some cities can be a real hassle! You can get the All Subway app for around $0.99. Having said this, there is a similar app called SubMaps Light that you can download for free which works on most platforms.

Trip Planner apps

If you’re a serious traveler, a trip planner app is definitely one of the most useful travel apps to have on a smartphone while traveling. There are many good trip planner apps and vacation apps to choose for your iPhone, Android, iPad or Blackberry such as Itinerary app, TripIt app, Conde Nast Traveler cruise app, and Travel Leisure's iPad app which helps you plan your vacation by offering suggestions on destinations.

The Conde Nast Traveler app is a handy cruise app that sifts information on cruise ship companies and cruise ship stats to help you find the best cruises that suit your needs.

TripIt and Itinerary apps are two other travel apps worth checking out for your smartphone particularly if you travel a lot. Both TripIt and Itinerary (iPhone only) help you organize your travel plans by keeping track of flights, hotels and itineraries.

Flight Booking apps

A flight booking app is no doubt, one of the most convenient travel apps you could ever download on your smartphone. Skyscanner app, Kayak app, Orbitz app, Hipmunk app, and OnTheFly app are some of the best flight booking apps in the travel app market and there all available on free download.

If you’re looking to get a flight booking app, you may also consider downloading a flight tracking app such as FlightTrack app, Flightstats app or Flight Status app. These flight tracking apps offer information on plane departure updates, flight delays, etc.

World Fact Book app

The world fact book application isn’t one of the most essential travel apps you can get but it’s definitely one fun travel apps to have on your smartphone. You can quickly check things like the color flags of countries, population data, etc. World Fact Book app is also available for free.

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