Coolest Childrens & Science Museums in the States

What's the best childrens museum?

Coolest Childrens Museums in the States

There is no doubt that some of the best children's museums in North America are found in the USA. Everyone naturally has their own favorite children's museum in the country, though you may agree that the following are some of the coolest in the US:

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is billed as the best childrens museum in North America, and you would have to agree that this children’s museum is certainly no ordinary one! Indianapolis children’s museum boasts four levels of educational areas such as science labs, story telling corners, and playing areas. There is even a winter wonderland area called “Jolly Days” with a baby snow castle area, a reindeer stable and an ice skating area.
fun things to do in Indianapolis

Admission to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis coast about $11 for under 17, and $16 for adults over 18. The museum has special days when it allows free admission such as Christmas Eve, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan 16), Presidents Day (Feb 20), and El Dia de Los Ninos ( April 29). Also, on the first Thursday of each month the museum allows free admissions for families between 4pm and 8pm.

Liberty Science Center, New Jersey

The Liberty Science Center (LSC) is definitely one of the coolest childrens museums in the States. What makes the LSC such a nice place is the cool deck area on its roof, which offers lovely views of Jersey City and Manhattan.

The LSC boasts cool science exhibits on kinetic energy and auditory hallucinations, which are cool to experience. The Liberty Center also has an IMAX Theatre that shows movies in normal and 3-Dimensional experience.

Another great thing about the LSC is that it's located in Liberty State Park so, you’re never too far from other fun places to go in NYC.

If you do plan to visit the other attractions in Liberty Park, it’s a good idea to purchase the “Give Me Liberty” pass since it’ll give you cheap access to the LSC, the Statue of Liberty Monument, and the Ellis Island Museum. The “Give Me Liberty” pass costs about $25 for adults and $15 for kids.

Bay Area Discovery Museum, California

Bay Area Discovery Museum is definitely one of the best children’s museums in America where families with toddlers (under 1’s) can go to. The Bay Area museum boasts cool playing areas indoors and outdoors, and cool daily workshops for kids. The museum also features cultural events, annual celebrations such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Cinco the Mayo Fiesta, as well as regular dance performances like African and Chinese dancing.

Something else the Bay Area Discovery Museum has going for is its location at the foot of one USA's biggest tourist attractions - Golden Gate Bridge.

The admission price for the Bay Area Discovery museum in Sausalito is $11 for both kids and adults, though the museum has a free admission day on the first Wednesday of every month. You can also visit this museum for free when purchasing the “Go San Francisco Card” pass.

Saint Louis Science Center, Missouri

The Saint Louis Science Center is one of the coolest childrens museums in the States and one of the best places to go in St. Louis for a fun day out with the family. Young and old can have a blast at this kids museum because of the variety of activities for youth and adults such as science demonstrations for kids, camp-in overnights for families, and fun segway lessons for adults.

The Saint Louis Science Center also happens to be located near Forest Park, which is home to the St. Louis Zoo and the St. Louis Art Museum Café.

The Saint Louis Science Center is free admission, though you do have to pay for some exhibits and areas such as the IMAX theatre and the Star Trek exhibition. Parking at the St. Louis Science Center isn’t free neither (costing around $10 for the day). However, if you head over to the entrance at James S. McDonnell Planetarium (a 5-minute drive) you’ll be able to park there for free.

Children's Museum of Houston, Texas

The coolest thing about the Children's Museum of Houston has to be its colorful exterior design and the giant kids holding up the museum.

The Children's Museum of Houston is located a block away from the Health Museum and it’s another fantastic children’s museum for parents to spend time with their toddlers. The museum is fairly big and features over a dozen galleries packed with fun things to do such as rock-climbing, science experiments, building areas, and fun workshops.

Admission to the Children's Museum in Houston is $8, though the museum does offer free family nights on Thursday evenings between 5pm and 8pm. If you are part of the ASTC passport program, admission to the Children's Museum of Houston is free.

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