Most Daring things People do on Vacation

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done on your travels?

If like me you travel a lot but aren’t particularly an adrenaline junky or a thrill seeker, you may find mind-blogging some of the audacious things people can get up to. Borderline reckless things like mooning someone isn't really my cup of tea. the most daring thing I've done to date is the edgewalk at the CN Tower during a mini vacation in Toronto visiting friends.

Most Daring things People do on Vacation

However, it turns out that apparently the edgewalk isn't a big deal for many, but surely walking on the edge of the CN Tower is daring, right? Anyhow, I wanted to share some of the risky things I've done and some of the craziest things people do on vacation:

Handling a snake

Going to a proper snake farm in Asia has always been a dream of mine, and early this year I had the opportunity to visit one when visiting Thailand on a three-week vacation. The snake farm in question that I visited was located in Bangkok and although it wasn’t a conventional snake charming farm it had all kinds of venomous snakes.

Seeing the snake handler extracting the venom from a king cobra was one thing but holding a python was entirely a different ball game. I know handling a snake isn’t much of a big deal for some people but when you have a natural fear of snakes you’ll agree that petting a snake is daring enough.

Ride the Death Road on a bike

Remember when I said earlier doing daring things on vacation that were borderline reckless? Well, riding a bike down the Death Road Mountain in Bolivia has to be one of the most daring things people do on vacation.

I know of some “death roads” in the states but never heard of Bolivia’s Death Road (called Yungas Road) before until I watched a TV show which highlighted why this road is the most dangerous in the world. Just have a look at the video…

After watching the video above, would you agree that riding a bike down this treacherous road qualifies as absolute madness?

Running bear through a cornfield

This dare is a personal favorite of mine, though I nearly came to regret it afterwards! Everyone has run through a cornfield at some point in their lives but running though a cornfield isn’t quite as until you decide to attempt running through it with no clothes and being shot at.
(surely you weren't expecting a nude pic, were you?)

See, a few friends and I dared each other to run through this cornfield we spotted during our road trip vacation through the Midwest. The idea was so bold and so silly at the time, but the rush of excitement was so unbelievable I had to do it. I remember laughing and joking with the others in the corn field until we started hearing gun shots being fired at us. To cut the story short, we made it out of the cornfield alive but with a new outlook on cornfields!

Cliff jumping

Jumping-off a cliff into the sea has to be one of the most daring things people do on vacation! You have to respect regular cliff jumpers for doing what they do since it’s truly an activity for the brave to jump into open sea with rocks beneath you. Jumping off a cliff into the sea is no easy undertaking and it has unsurprisingly taken many lives.

I hear most people die because they didn’t manage to pull-off the jump correctly or worse…they simply didn’t check first where they were jumping into! As it turns out, places like the Algarve (Portugal) and Mazatlan (Mexico) boast some of the most dangerous sites for cliff jumps.

Ski while gaping

If you’re into skiing and snowboarding you may be familiar with the meaning of “gaping” in a terrain park. However, since my friends and I aren’t really clued-up on snow park slang I had to look it up. A gaper is basically a clueless newbie wearing really dated skiing gear. Apparently, this is something you are supposed to avoid at all costs in a terrain park if you don’t fancy being the laughing stock.

This gave me an idea for a dare that my buddies and I could do on a 2-day ski vacation in Colorado. The dare, of course, would consist of us "skiing while gaping" so, we had to find as much retro gear for skiing as we could find...things like tiny skies and colorful jackets and pants are consider normal attire of gapers. Anyways, the gaping dare turned out to be priceless because of all the comical reactions from people and snowboarders glancing back.

Author Bio: Noel Palacios is a passionate writer who loves to document his adventures, whether funny or life-clinching.  

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