Top 10 Things to See in Galicia

Tucked away in the northwestern corner of Spain, the region of Galicia is a magical land home to stunning peaks, rivers, canyons, luscious forests, prehistoric remains and Roman fortifications.

Galicia is also home to an impressive cultural heritage that includes Celtic, Moorish and German influences that translate today in delicious cusisine such as the traditional "pulpo a galega" dish and traditional bagpipe music that is played by the gaiteros.

However long you plan to be in Galicia, you'll no doubt fall under the "spell" of the Gallegos and their beautiful region! As follows it's a list of places you cannot miss visiting while in Galicia:

Roman Walls of Lugo

If you’re planning to visit Lugo, you certainly won’t want to miss the chance of seeing the impressive ancient walls of Lugo who were built by the Romans in the 3rd century.
Top 10 Things to See in Galicia

Lugo’s defensive walls are truly beautiful and magnificent since they span over 7000 ft in length and 40ft in height. The fortified walls have been preserved in superb condition and five of the wall’s original gates still remain. Best thing of all, there's a pathway over the walls that allow you to walk their complete length.

See the Atlantic Ocean from a mirador

While in Galicia, you definitely have to visit one of Galicia’s miradores (lookouts) to see the beauty and majesty of the Atlantic Ocean.

Two of the best lookout points in Galicia are the Mirador de Monte Ventoso (in Ferrol) and Ezaro Mirador (in Dumbria) because of their location over 700ft above sea level. If you can only make it to one, it’s best you head to Ezaro Mirador.

The lookout in Ezaro not only offers superb views over the ocean but it’s also surrounded by the most spectacular natural setting and a stunning waterfall (Cascada Ezaro). A few other reasons why you want to visit Ezaro is to see the gorgeous beaches, gardens, visit the cool museum of electricity and attend the Ezaro Beach Festival (La Festa da Praia), which is held every year in Ezaro on August 2.

Torre de Hercules in La Coruna

The Torre (tower) of Hercules is another sight you definitely have to see while in La Coruna (Corunna) Galicia because it’s nothing short of astonishing. The tower is just over 180ft tall but its claim to fame is being the oldest working Roman lighthouse in the world.

By just looking at it, it’s really hard to believe that the Tower of Hercules is nearly 2000 years old since it doesn’t show its age one bit. When you arrive at the lighthouse you’ll be greeted by a huge granite statue of the mythical Celtic King Breogan guarding the entrance to the tower, which you must take photos of. You’ll also be allowed to climb to the top of the tower for amazing views!

The Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is without a doubt, one of the top 10 things to see in Galicia.

This impressive cathedral is located right in the heart of Galicia and it’s most renowned for being the place where pilgrims converge after walking for weeks along the famous pilgrimage route – The Way of St James or Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela looks truly remarkable from every angle you look at it. You’ll be able to take dozens of photos of the cathedral's different side-facing facades, which boast a completely unique design. Once inside, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the cathedra’s vastness and original 12th century Romanesque interior.

See the picturesque beaches of Galicia

Spain is certainly most famous for its beaches (playas) and there’s no denying that the south of Spain boasts some beautiful beaches. However, when you see the beaches in Galicia you'll be wondering why Galicia is such an underrated place in Spain to go for a beach vacation.

The beaches in Galicia are clean and boast long stretches of fine white sand that you can walk for miles. The most popular Galicia beaches are Playa de Doninos in Ferrol, Playa de la Lanzada in Grove, Playa Samil in Vigo and Playa de Areas in Areas. However, two of the most stunning beaches you really have to see in Galicia are the beaches in Cies Islands and As Catedrais (Las Catedrales) Beach in Ribadeo.

The beaches in Cies Islands are calm and pristine and can only be reached by small ferry ride from the port of Vigo; while Las Catedrales beach is easily the most spectacular of all the beaches in Galicia because of its sea caves, huge arches, rock formations and sand corridors, which you'll be able to walk through at low tide.

See the sun set at Cape Finisterre

Cape Finisterre is the farthest point you can go in western Spain and it’s also a very popular destination in Europe because until the discovery of the Americas Finisterre was thought as the place where the world ended!

Can you imagine the myths and folklore stories that would’ve been told back then about Finisterre? You’ll certainly feel a sense of magic and mystery surrounding Cape Finisterre, especially in the evening when the sun sets over the ocean…truly captivating!

Celtic Ruins at Castro de Barona

The ruins of the Celtic settlement in Castro de Barona are by far one of the most astounding historic sights you’ll see in Galicia because they’re over 2000 year-old! However, what makes this sight really spectacular is its location atop a rugged promontory overlooking the beautiful estuary of Ria de Muros and Noya.

The old Celtic remnants are located in Porto do Son (Barona), which is about an hour’s drive southwest of Santiago de Compostela. To get there, you simply take the AC-543 road (Santiago-Noia carretera) towards Porto do Son and follow directions to Castro de Barona.

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