Top Things to do in Moldova

Explore the old cave monasteries

Moldova is famous for its monasteries and one of the things you definitely have to do in Moldova is explore the two most famous monasteries in the country - the cave monastery at Tipova village and the cave monastery at Orheiul Vechi.

Tipova cave monastery overlooks the beautiful Dniester River and it’s the largest monastery in the country; while the cave monastery at Orheiul Vechi boasts a stunning location high up on a cliff that offers great views of the area around.

There are also a few other monasteries you can visit not far from the capital Chisinau, which include Hincu Monastery (10 mins drive) and Capriana monastery, which is just 40 mins drive northwest of Chisinau. If you can make it to Capriana monastery, you'll definitely with a gorgeous church, which houses beautiful religious frescoes and an impressive candelabrum.

Take a dip in Nistru Beach

If you’re traveling to Moldova during the summer months, you certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to take a swim in Nistru Beach - the most popular beach area in Moldova.
Top Things to do in Moldova

Nistru Beach is a great spot for cooling off on a hot summer’s day as well as booking boat river tours. Best thing about Nistru beach is that it's located in Vadul lui Voda, which is just 30 mins drive from the capital.

Day trip to Kamyanets-Podilsky

If you’re planning to be in Moldova for longer than 10 days, one of the top things to do in Moldova to occupy your time is to plan plenty of day trips. One of the most popular day trips most travelers do from Moldova is to the medieval city of Kamyanets-Podilsk in Ukraine, which is home to the famous Kamianets-Podilsky Castle.

Kamianets-Podilsky is located just a few miles north of the Moldavian-Ukranian border and can be easily and cheaply reached by bus from Chisinau in just 10 hours for less than 30 euros (round-trip ticket).

Spend a few nights in the Moldavian countryside

A vacation in Moldova would not be complete without experiencing Moldavian hospitality and what better way to experience it than staying with a typical Moldavian family?

You’ll find plenty of farmsteads all across the countryside of Moldova, though you won’t have to venture out too far from Chisinau to experience traditional Moldavian village life.

Not far from Chisinau (in the Orhei District), you’ll find the popular farmsteads of Katherine guesthouse in the village of Ivancea, The Fairy Tale House and Casa Din Lunca in Trebujeni. All of these places are family-run and offer a nice chance to enjoy fun activities such as feeding the farm animals and riding horses. Price-wise, you’re looking at around 30 to 40 euros per day per person including meals.

Wine tasting in Moldova’s famous wine cellars

One of the things you certainly cannot miss doing in Moldova is sampling Moldovan wine. The best place to enjoy wine tastings is, of course, at a wine cellar such as Cojusna, Milestii Mici and Cricova wine cellars. Both Milestii Mici and Cricova are actually two of the largest wine cellars in Europe.

All three wineries offer guided tours and tastings of their cellars for around 10 euros ($13), though Cojusna wine cellar is the cheapest (5 euros). Whichever wine cellar you choose to visit, you'll find that Milestii Mici, Cojusna and Cricova are just within a half-hour drive from Chisinau.

Visit the main tourist sights in Moldova

The tree main tourist cities that you want to explore are the city of Chisinau, Tiraspol and Bender.

You’ll certainly want to spend a good 3 days in Chisinau to soak in this beautiful city and tourist sights such as the “Eternity” WWII memorial, The Stephen the Great Monument, the Presidential Palace, St. Teodora de la Sihla Church and National Museum of Archeology and History of Moldova. Also, be sure to take a stroll along the impressive Dacia Boulevard (Bulevardul Dacia).

The whole city of Tiraspol is a tourist sight in itself because of its Soviet past. As you walk the streets, you’ll notice all the flags and Soviet-era reminiscence such as Vladimir Lenin’s statues, soviet tanks monuments and war memorial dedicated to past wars such as the Second World War and the War of Transnistria.

The town of Bender is also worthwhile visiting to see the remnants of a medieval fortress right in the heart of the town, and the Russian War cemetery.

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