Best Beach Towns in Poland to Visit

Planning a beach holiday in Poland?

You'll find that the north coast of Poland is home to some of the best beach resorts in Europe and some really stunning beaches. If you're looking for the perfect beach retreat on the coast of Poland be sure to check out the following list for some ideas:


The town of Swinoujscie is located next to the border with Germany and it’s by far one of the best beach towns you can visit in Poland. Swinoujscie is beautiful and boasts the widest sandy beach on the coast, which makes it it a superb spot for a beach vacation.

As far as attractions, Swinoujscie offers a handful of things to see such as a fishing museum, churches, lighthouses, windmills, and cool forts you can visit such as Angel’s Fort, which is a nice replica of the "Mausoleum of Hadrian" in Rome. Best thing, though, about staying in Swinoujscie is the ferry connections to Germany, Bornholm and southern Sweden.


The seaside resort of Miedzyzdroje is a true gem on the Baltic coast and it’s easy one of the nicest places to holiday in Poland. Miedzyzdroje boasts beautiful wide powdery beaches, plenty of tourist amenities, and a national park next to it - Wolin National Park.
Best Beach Towns in Poland to Visit

Wolin National Park is definitely the most appealing attraction in Miedzyzdroje because it's home to a European Bison sanctuary and offers many opportunities for hiking and eagle watching from the park’s marvelous sea cliffs.

Miedzyzdroje also hosts an annual celebrity handprint event called “Festival of Stars” that is held between July 1-4, which is worth attending.


Kolobrzeg is home to largest health spa and longest beach on the north coast of Poland. Kolobrzeg boasts a 6 mile-long beach as well as an impressive town center home to interesting landmarks such as medieval and gothic church, and the remnants of a medieval fort tower.

There’s also a memorial and a handful of monuments to be seen in Kolobrzeg, as well as a cultural center located in the town hall that hosts live music performances in the summer. Another great thing about Kolobrzeg is the ferry connections to the Danish island of Bornholm, which is home to gorgeous windmills and ruins of medieval forts dating back to the 13th century.


Tricity consists of the cities of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia and it is the only metropolitan area located on the Baltic coast of Poland. Tricity is a great summer destination in Poland because it boasts excellent airport, ferry connections, top-class hotels and great nightlife scene.

Tricity is home to one of Poland’s major airports - the Gdansk Lech WaƂesa Airport and it also offers regular ferry services to and from each of the three cities.

Gdansk is actually one of the biggest cities in Poland and it’s home to many historic areas, monuments and buildings such as Green Gate (former residence of Polish monarchs). There are also many beautiful townhouses and churches to be seen, as well as top class museums to visit such as the Polish Maritime Museum and Gdansk National Museum.

Sopot and Gdynia are a little bit smaller than Gdansk but they’re certainly more than worth a few hours of your time to explore, especially Sopot which is home to the largest wooden pier in Europe and the mind-boggling Crooked Little House (Krzywy Domek).

While in Gydinia, be sure to catch a ride on the old “Costerina” vintage engine. During the summer months, the Costerina steam engine offers rides to the town of Koscierzyna.

By the way, both Gdynia and Gdansk also offer ferry connections to Nynashamn Sweden, Helsinki Finland and Rostock (northern Germany).


It would be safe to say that the beach town of Ustka is one of the best places to go on the coast of Poland for a beach vacation. In fact, the two beaches at Ustka (Eastern Beach and Western Beach are two of the top beaches in Europe.

Sure enough, Ustka gets fairly busy during the summer high season, though if you don’t mind the huge crowds Ustka is certainly a fantastic and buzzing place to be for a vacation.

Krynica Morska

Krynica Morska is one of the smallest beach towns in Poland but it’s also one of the best beach towns in Poland to visit because of its location on the Vistula Spit (not far from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast).

Krynica Morska’s beaches are popular because of its climbable tall sand dunes that offer beautiful panoramic views of the Baltic Sea and the Vistula Lagoon. There’s also a wildlife reserve home to dozens of birds species, boars, deer, etc.

Hel Peninsula

If you're looking for a relaxing beach retreat with pristine beaches and ideal for wind-sports, look no further than Hel Peninsula. Hel is a stunning 17 mile-long sandbar peninsula that boasts easily the most beautiful beaches in Poland.

Hel Peninsula is home to a few beach resorts but for the most part it's a low-key destination with many unspoiled areas where you can enjoy kite surfing and sunbathing without the crowds.

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