Must Do Things in Central America

Wondering what to do for fun in Central America?

Besides taking a tour of the Mayan ruins in Tikal, tour the Panama Canal and diving the spectacular Blue Hole in Belize you cannot miss doing the following things in Central America:

1. Toast marshmallows at the top of the Pacaya Volcano

Just like much of the Americas, the region of Central America is an absolute heaven for outdoor pursuits and one of the must do's in Central America is climbing the Pacaya Volcano.

What makes climbing the Pacaya volcano such a cool thing to do is that you get to hike an active volcano that is surprisingly easy to climb (2h max. hike).

The most recent eruption happened in 2010 so, there’s no flowing lava but what you will find at the top of the Pacaya is steam holes that you can use to toast marshmallows. By the way, besides hiking you’ll also be able to hire horses for about $15 if you don’t fancy the 2 hour hike to the top.

2. Swim with sharks and rays in Hol Chan

Taking a snorkeling and diving trip is something you definitely must do in Central America and one of the best places to do this is at the Hol Chan marine reserve.
Must Do Things in Central America

Hol Chan is beautiful and boasts super crystal clear waters with visibility no less than 15 inches. You absolutely must not pass the chance to enjoy a snorkeling/diving trip in Hol Chan because you’ll also get to swim with sharks, rays, sea turtles and other beautiful marine life.

3. Enjoy a soak in hot spring in Arenal Volcano National Park

Taking a soak in a natural hot spring is certainly something you must add on your itinerary of must do things in Central America and what better place to do this than at Arenal Volcano National Park?

Arenal Volcano is easily one of the best spots in Costa Rica to enjoy fun outdoor activities and best of all, the park boasts dozens of geothermal hot springs where you can enjoy a nice relaxing time after a long day of fun activities in La Fortuna.

There are many great hot spring places to choose from such as Tabacon hot springs and Eco Termales, though if you truly want the best natural hot spring experience, you'll want to head to the "free hot springs" located down the road from Tabacon Spa resort. The hot springs are beautiful and, best of all, free!

Also, while you’re in Arenal Volcano national park be sure to also do a zip line tour and take a boat tour of Lake Arenal to enjoy incredible views of Arenal Volcano.

4. Take a boat ride along the Islets of Granada

You’ll be certainly taking plenty of boat trips during your travels in Central America, and one of the most enjoyable boat trips you can do in the region is through the Islets of Granada.

There are more than 300 of these islets and, best of all, you can easily sail around them in just a few hours. Booking a boat tour is definitely the best way to go about exploring the little islands since boat tours are super cheap ($16 per boat) and can last anything from 2 to 3 hours.

5. Visit the archeological sites in San Salvador

If you like to get an idea of how regular and elite Mayans lived thousands of years ago, you won’t want to miss visiting the archeological sites of Joya de Ceren and San Andres ruins in El Salvador.

Both of these sites are seriously underrated, especially San Andres ruins which are actually some of the largest pre-Columbian ruins you can see in the Americas. Joya de Ceren represents the ruins of a farming Mayan village and the volcanic ashes have preserved the ruins so well that archeologists managed to uncover over 60 structures.

Both San Andres ruins and the Joya de Ceren Mayan village are located in La Libertad, which is just 40 minutes drive northwest of San Salvador.

6. See how indigenous people make chocolate

Panama is no doubt another popular tourist destination in Central America where you can enjoy a myriad of activates and fun pursuits such as surfing, rafting down Chiriquí River, zip line tours, rock climbing hiking up Volcan Baru volcano and jungle camping.

Having said this, one of the most enjoyable things you’ll do by far in Central America is visiting a real cocoa farm such as the one in Bocas Town in Isla Colon (Panama) to get an idea how chocolate is made using centuries-old techniques.

The cocoa field in Rio Oeste in Isla Colon is run by the Ngobe indigenous people who have opened it to the public for guided tours. If you’ve ever wondered how chocolate was made and tasted thousands of years ago, you won’t want to miss taking the "Oreba Chocolate Tour" in Bocas del Toro.

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