The Top Four North American Adventure Holiday Ideas

The US is sure enough a place of diversity, both in terms of culture and landscape!

For those with a taste for the outdoor life who want to experience a range of adventure traveller activities and sights in a single country, the US is certainly a good choice of destination. Read on to learn why.

Skiing in the Arctic National Park

One of the remotest areas of wilderness in North America is the Gates of the Arctic National Park, which covers an area of 8.4 million acres. The Brooks Range of Alaska runs through this park, with the Boreal Mountain and Frigid Crags forming the two 'gates'.

Visitors begin their adventure tours by taking a ski plane flight from the town of Bettles in Alaska to Eroded Mountain and from here they make their way north through the dramatic landscape of the Koyukuk River Valley. Although it is possible for travellers to do this trip on their own, most go with a tour group. These groups usually have sleigh dog teams to carry everyone's belongings and participants can take their turns at mushing the team and skiing during the day. A huge range of wildlife inhabits the park, including foxes, wolves, sheep, caribou and moose.

Canoeing in the Boundary Waters

Situated between Ontario and Minnesota, the Boundary Waters include more than 1,500 clear, icy lakes, which are accessible only by canoe and paddle. The landscape here is breathtaking and has remained relatively unchanged since it was first explored by French Canadian voyagers several hundred years ago.

Trips here begin in the Gunflint area of Minnesota and usually last for a week or so, during which time travellers spend their days paddling, admiring the beautiful scenery and camping in the nearby woods. They have the chance to see otters, eagles, black bears, beavers and moose and there are plenty of opportunities for fishing in the lakes here, with trout being the most commonly caught breed.

Mountain biking in the Grand Staircase

For those who want to stay on dry land, the Grand Staircase, located between the Grand Canyon's sheer walls and Bryce Canyon's pinks cliffs, is the perfect place for hiking as well as cycling holidays. The blue waters of the Paria River and the remote areas of forest form some of the most impressive slot canyons in North America.

Most cyclists begin their ascent around Echo Cliffs and make their way along the dirt roads toward the Grand Canyon's rim, whizzing past pine forests and sagebrush valleys till they reach the more gentle trails around the Kaibab Mountains. This area is best explored between April and July, where the weather is pleasantly warm.

Climbing Denali

For climbing enthusiasts, there's no better place in America than Denali, the country's highest peak. However, this is not for the novice climber, as there is no easy route up this enormous mountain. A climb usually takes about three to four weeks; base camp is approximately 7,000 feet up and provides some spectacular views of the Kahiltna Glacier.

From here, it takes another week to reach 14,000 feet. Whilst this is certainly an exceptionally challenging climb, reaching the summit will bring with it not only a great sense of achievement, but also some beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Louise Thornton writes regularly on mountain and hiking holidays for a wide range of travel websites and blogs. Her work is regularly featured on some of the most well-known adventure travel publications.