Top 10 Winter Vacation Destinations

When it comes to winter vacations, most people either opt for skiing vacation or choose a beach vacation in places around the world that are warm throughout the year. Whether you prefer a cold or warm breeze, the following list of top 10 winter vacation destinations should give you a good idea of nice places to spend the winter with family and friends:

1. Theme Parks

Though the admission to such parks may not be cheap, you can get considerable discounts on airline tickets and hotel reservations if you book for them early.

Amongst the popular theme park tourist destinations is Orlando, Florida. It has Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Studios Florida amongst many other attractions.

2. Surfing Safari Vacation

Those wishing to undertake a surfing safari vacation, an ideal vacation destination for surfers would be Laguna Beach in Calif. This place is ideal for beach lovers who love to swim and soak under the sun.

The individuals who wish to surf along the waves can take classes from champions.  For those wishing to explore the place, the nearby Laguna Village is a prime location for looking through their local shops and art galleries.

3. Mexico

The ideal vacation destination south of the border is Tulum situated in Mexico. Tulum is home to pure Caribbean beaches that are well-known for their huge sea turtles.

Moreover, Tulum has archaeological sites of the pre-Columbian Mayan ruins that include Castillos and temples.

4. The Caribbean

Puerto Rico, located to the north-east of the Caribbean, is another popular vacation destination. This city comprises of old-world-style streets, rain forests and uniquely beautiful bays.

The Old San Juan is an attraction for those tourists seeking to explore historical sites. If all these places don’t appeal to any particular individual, they can always enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches.

5. Pacific Ocean

This can be a classic vacation destination for anyone during peak winter seasons. Oahu is one of the most attractive vacation destinations in this region and is located in Hawaii.

Tourists can enjoy the beach in whichever way they like, be it a walk along the beach, swimming or other water sports. Moreover, they can also explore the art galleries, shop at their local gift shops and dine in at casual restaurants that mainly feature traditional Hawaiian dishes and have a pleasing atmosphere.

6. Rocky Mountains

This type of vacation is for those individuals who do not run away from winters, instead dig deeper into it. The ideal location for such individuals would be Bozeman situated in Montana.

Various hotels offer packages for skiing and lodging on to these mountains.

7. Southwest USA

A winter break to the south-west region no more means only exhibition baseball and golf courses. One of the vacation destinations in this region, Albuquerque, now provides a variety of activities for tourists.

It features an International Balloon Museum that will be most appealing to the enthusiasts of hot-air balloons.  The cultural center, Pueblo, features the most exciting collections of the national American art.

8. Central America

Costa Rica is an ideal destination for this type of vacations. Here, tourists can choose to do anything.

They can shop from their local markets, explore the city’s history in the museums and enjoy the nightlife of San Jose, its Capital City. You can further visit the national parks or experience lava-spewing volcanoes in Arenal.

9. Italy's Dolomite Mountains

As the name suggests, the ideal destination in this type of vacation, Cortina d’Ampezzo, is situated in Italy. This city has mountains that are as high as nine-thousand feet above sea level.

The Dolomite Mountains, as it is referred to, has been a tourist attraction since the 1956 Winter Olympics were held there. Many royals and movie stars have been visiting this place since then adding to its popularity.

10. Western US/ Europe

Western US and Europe are undoubtedly, two of the top winter 10 vacation destinations. There are various affordable ski destinations in both west America and Europe that can be most attractive to individuals who like skiing more instead of swimming or other water sports. These destinations also have local shops, from where individuals can shop, at the most affordable and convenient rates.

These are only some of the spectacular vacations that an individual can undertake. Moreover, you can benefit in getting these vacations at a price you can afford, that is only if you don’t wait for the vacation time to arrive and start booking for them now! Even the stag do vacations can be booked for in advance.

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