Argentina's Top 10 Destinations for First-Timers

Over the years, Argentina has become an amazing tourist destination with its scenic beauty, snow-
clad mountains, glaciers and vast beautiful landscapes. Argentina gives tourists that "off the beaten
track" experience. Let have a look at Argentina's top 10 destinations for first-timers:

1. Buenos Aires

It is the capital city of Argentina. This is among the first places that every tourist visits in Argentina. It
is one of 20 largest cities in the world. Restaurants, shopping centres, parks, theatres, and various
other city-like attractions are available for tourists here. The city lights of Buenos Aires in the night
from Puerto Madero provide a golden-coloured view.

2. The Iguazu Falls

This majestic waterfall is famous all around the world. More than 250 individual falls combine here
and give a spectacular view covering a great geographical region. The Iguazu Falls is also known as
a 'world heritage site.' These falls are situated on the border of Brazil and Argentina and provide
great views to visitors from different locations. You can visit the Brazilian side of the falls however,
tourists may require a one-day visa of Brazil to do so. It takes a day or two for tourists to get this visa.

3. Bariloche

Bariloche is famous for its snow-clad mountains and ski resort. Most tourists visit this place for its
breath-taking views and to have fun with skiing, climbing, hiking, and various other tourist activities.

4. Valdes Peninsula

This is a nature reserve. It is famous for its animal species like penguins and sea lions. You can also
occasionally spot whales in this region. The right time to visit this place in order to spot the whales is
from May to December.

5. The Perito Moreno Glacier

This is a gigantic glacier in Argentina. It is a very famous tourist attraction. The sheer size of this
glacier provides a magnificent view to the tourists.

6. Ibera Wetlands

It is a nature reserve. These wetlands are the second largest in the world. The nature reserve is
famous for its exotic flora and fauna. The most famous species include caimans, Argentine deer,
manned wolves, and armadillos.

7. The Mendoza Wine Regions

These wine regions provide a soul-touching view of wine yards with a wide mountain range on the
horizon reaching high into the clouds. Sunset and sunrise views are simply amazing. Grey mountain
range with an orange tint in the clouds with green wine yards below is a must-see view for nature

8. Puerto Madryn

It is a very important tourist destination for those who like to visit beaches of the world. The city is
located in the province of Chubut. Most tourists visit this place to see the whales during September
and October. The nearby attractions include penguin colony and wildlife bird sanctuary.

9. Ushuaia

This city is located in the far south of Argentina. It is famous for its houses amidst snow-clad
mountains of Patagonia. There are various tourist attractions around this city. The Beagle channel is
one amongst them. You can also get cruises to Antarctica from Ushuaia.

10. Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains are famous all around the world for their majestic presence with gigantic
glacier formations. There are various skiing spots available here for tourists.


If you're looking for natural wonders, breathtaking views of hills, valleys, sea shores and waterfalls, you will definitely find all of those in Argentina.

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