Best Places to go Hiking in Ireland

Ireland offers gorgeous scenic views of rolling green hills, mountains, and sea-splattered cliffs. The Emerald Isle is well-known for its beautiful pastoral landscapes. It is an outdoor lover's dream!

Because it has so many beautiful mountains, hills and scenic routes, there are a number of great hikes that you can choose to do, whether you are interested in something that lasts a few hours or a few months, and whether you want a hike that will help you relax or one that will push you to your limits. Here are some of the best places to hike in Ireland:

The Kerry Way

The Kerry Way is without question, one of the best places to go hiking in Ireland -- and for good reason! The Kerry Way walking trail winds around the peninsula on the west coast and offers stunning coastal views.

Whether you're on foot or you're in a car, the Kerry Way offers you amazing views that you won't soon forget. The trail is 215 km and it takes about 10 days to hike the whole thing -- if you keep a pretty good pace. You can stretch it out longer if you aren't up to shape or if you just want to take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Wicklow Mountains

Just outside the hustle and bustle of Dublin lies the Wicklow Mountains. Throughout the peaks and valleys of these thickly wooded mountains are castles, farms and ruins.

There are a variety of hiking trails throughout the mountains, ranging from a few hours to a few days. The Wicklow Way is one of the most popular. You can pick the path that best suits your fitness level and your itinerary.

The Dingle Way

Just north of the Ring of Kerry is the Dingle Peninsula, which offers competing views of the beautiful coastline and rolling pastures. The trail is a bit shorter -- 179 km -- and takes a day or so less time to hike. Again, you can adjust the itinerary based on your fitness level or the amount of sight-seeing you want to do.

The Burren

The Burren offers a unique hiking experience that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. The trail provides views of the 310 square miles of limestone fields from Galway to the Atlantic Ocean. Rivers run underground through caves of limestone, providing beautiful and intriguing views of rocky formations and lush plant life.

The Beara Way

In Kerry, there is a secondary trail to the Ring of Kerry, known as the Beara Way. This shorter trail is just over 120 miles, and it is broken down into smaller segments for day trippers. You can enjoy many of the same views provided by the Ring of Kerry without having to commit to the extended hike.

There are many more wonderful places to hike throughout Ireland, depending on the time of year you go, what you want to see, how long you can stay, and what your level of fitness is. These are among the more popular trails, and they will give you a great sampling of the many beautiful sights of Ireland.

Have you been hiking in Ireland? Tell us about the best places you've hiked in Ireland!

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