Hawaiian Cruise - An Exotic Hawaiian Cruise Trip

Hawaii is currently a state of United States, comprises six islands and are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (to four hours in Japan and five in Los Angeles).

"Welcome to Paradise", these are the words of the captain of the plane when it reaches
Hawaii. At the end of the stairs (now manga) plane is where you break the first myth about the islands: a lie that you get with the rhythm garlands of tropical music.

The collars, which do exist and have a durable and rich fragrance that causes the minutes a little dizzy, are within refrigerators and cost $ 20 on average. These collars are welcome gesture (get it out in front of the person you gift the necklace is disrespectful, recommendation get it out to reach the hotel room), is made with real flowers. It uses a typical flower of the island called Plumeria, can be white, yellow or pink and is characterized by its rich and strong aroma similar to jasmine.

When one arrives, the first word to learn the native language is "Aloha" which means "hello", "bye" and "I love you". I think that is the word most heard on the island.

Continuing along the north west coast, this Waianea. There are a large complex of hotels outside the city. This resort is ideal for its great golf course (for those who like this sport) of the beach, water sports, etc.
Further north we find more surf beaches especially in winter is the season of big waves.

The good thing is that access Oahu, roads and highways are very good and most of the road is straight unlike Maui. This allows one to go quietly from north to south, east to west. In the south of the island, we found a bay that is ecological reserve. This bay was a volcano that sea erosion crater side gave way to the sea and formed a large diverse coral fauna.

Seeing this bay from the heights you will understand why the plane's captain welcomed us to paradise. And not just for its scenery, but also the people is a separate chapter. Surprising to see how respectful, caring what you are with others and especially towards tourists. I think most in the fifteen days I was in Hawaii not hear a honk, not a street puteada and less a fight from car to car.

It is curious that in the supermarket checkout when going for the first time they ask the name and loads it into a database, and the second time you go the same mall and greet you by name. These are details that make you feel better.

This, the sunset, is closely related to the mythological history of the islands. It goes something like this: for the Maui native was one of his goddesses / queens. At the time of the goddess Maui seems that there was plenty of sunlight in this part of the planet. Until one day that defies the sun goddess. If winning the Maui sun should illuminate more time to the islands and if he lost the sun would further enlighten the islands. Maui Goddess question that challenged and won due to sun light for longer.

The Hawaiian native, has many beliefs still current transmitted by their ancestors who try to disclose and keep it alive over time. Hanauma Bay, was a volcano that one of its sides were eroded by the ocean creating a marine reserve converted bay. It is an ideal place for snorkeling, in entirety is covered by corals and reefs with a variety of fish, shellfish and sea turtles. The entrance to the bay costs about $ 20, then a documentary, one can descend to the bay and enjoy the whole day in the beauty of the place and nature.

Author Bio: This guest post is contributed by Lucy daniel on behalf of boxoffice (The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui - Duchess Theatre), aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching.